Monday, August 11, 2008


11th August 2008, Monday

Had to attend a screening for HIV this very morning for the Taiwan training 3 months back.
Took the latter half of the day off, very much similar to the missus who like many had their National Day holiday being stipulated on this start of the week.
Got a ride to Tuas Naval Base from the same source though he wasn't too sure where the obscure base is located among the endless labyrinth of ship yards and industrial parks.
Personally I had vague idea where the place really is after not coming to this extreme West spot for a while now.
After reaching the location without getting any fracas with the base security this time round, we headed to the medical center for the medic to draw quite a hefty amount of blood for the screening.
Then we met up with the rest at the canteen as they planned a gathering by the end of this month.

The Beijing Olympics had started with a bang on Friday and we spent an evening of Playstation male bonding turned out to be one in which we were marveled by how well the Chinese capital had dished out the fanfare of an opening but we were more interested in the procession of contestants representing all 209 countries respectively including some obscure nations we had ever heard of like Sao Tome and Principe & Djibouti...
Then our attention to the sporting beauties several nation had on display... Usually sportswomen tend to be abit average at best with certain sports having ladies perhaps due to their training regime are faces of little sexual appeal but the class of 2008 are very much eye candies for a few grown men in Singapore to ogle at, even various African and Middle Eastern nations.Maybe Maria Sharapova was not well missed after all.

Slept by 5 that Saturday morning after a few hours of "Army of Two" and some roti prata at Jalan Kayu (nothing special to rave about) and was awoken by Dad's own noisy commentary of the women's weightlifting contest which China got their first gold medal.
This kick started 2 days of sports watching including Brazil's whipping of New Zealand in the men's football, USA soundly beating host nation China 101-70 in their first match up the men's basketball and how our local sports persona failed in the likes of shooting and badminton though Tao Li did very well to break the Asian records in the games only to meekly attain a 5th placing in the 100m butterfly swimming, but still a great achievement.
Now back to the peddlers for the medal's hopes.

Didn't just solely spent time watching top sportsmen slugging it out in the humid and at times hazy Beijing, I had some sports when I was really late for badminton at Bishan stadium despite the missus drove me there.
Saw some parents coercing their budding young gymnasts to the sports hall to have a first taste of the beam or whatever apparatus present, hoping one day their kids can represent our nation for the world's stage.
Surely I would never dream about representing Singapore for badminton with my awry serve and misses.

Had intended head towards La Tendo after the game but didn't count on EK leaving for his next round of ball game briefly before our session ended.
With the sky overcast and rain pelting on our well-showered bodies, we headed for Bishan Junction 8 for a long brunch hoping the rain would ceased by the end of it; thus we filled up whatever calories we had lost from the badminton with a hearty American lunch at Cafe Cartel.
It was then Chan persuaded me to join him and Bryan for their figurine collection at both China Square Central and La Tendo.
The former still oozed some appeal with the flea market with some collectors scouring for some good deals while the latter was very much a ghost town on a soggy Sunday afternoon.
Definitely the thought of traveling home with a long wait for a bus and then transit via the crowded MRT could be a turn off why people had shy off this obscure location like Kallang Leisure Park.
With our hefty purchase, we resorted to sharing a cab to our place at the north-east region of the island.

My Sunday ended with our losing streak finally broken when Sengkang consolidated their 2nd bottom placing with a 0-0 draw against Albirex, the same side they had drawn twice this season already.
It was really 2 points lost by the visiting Japanese side, who really should put away many chances they created but could be our defense held their stance throughout with Winston Yap redeeming himself after that torrid game against Geylang.
If only Simic was introduced earlier and we had more conventional targetmen in attack to support Reginaldo, we might even net the 3 points...
Well we had to keep our fingers crossed for a victory this Saturday at Jalan Besar against the Young Lions...

Meanwhile, looking forward to more sporting miracles in the Olympics...

Japanese word of the day: メダル (Medals) Michae; Phelps wanted to haul 8 golds, Singapore are just glad to get a bronze

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