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Create A Legend

29th October 2009, Wednesday

A supposedly substantial 4 days break from work just concludes before I would say I am fully relishing from it...more can be expected at the end of the year (with loathsome veering from my missus and perhaps my sister who were perturbed each time I told them I am on off or leave).

My parents were gone for this long weekend, basking in the sunlight of Hainan dao, seemingly known as the Hawaii of the East... As alluring as it's alias, I doubt I would ever want to go to the land where my ancestors hailed anytime soon.

Got to spend a great amount of time with the missus over the course of the 4 days as well as she tried to take care of the 29 year old baby in the absence of his biological parents.
Really enjoyed the way she cooked her pasta which kept my appetite going for a couple of evenings.

The main feature though was the long overdue hang-out with my buddies on Sunday.
Top on our agenda for this gaming session was perhaps the European edition of Winning Eleven, PES2009.
Foo was perhaps the one man machine getting all hyped up about the game since he had such jolly time with the older editions on his PS2.
This led to that sudden urge to join the PS3 club in order to play the game (well we all know the future of the Sony game console is limitless)
That urge materialized on Sunday when we made Funz Center our rendezvous point (as usual) and we made quite a massive purchase including one copy of PES 2009 each for me, Foo and CS.
We did made some saving through my connection but whatever matters was how satisfied we would be by the end of it.
After stocking up on snacks and beverages, we hit the Pepsiman's Pad and was quick to get the game started as we got a feel of the game as we took the unfancied CFR Cluj in the Champions League (one of the licensed sparkling update of this edition).
As usual we chose "amateur", 'cos there's no point if we can't score and get humiliated.
It didn't took us long to really grew into the game as we did with previous incarnations... This Konami-made game distinct itself froom other competitor simulation soccer game (most prominently FIFA from EA Sports) is the realism of the gameplay. The fact that you ran around the pitch and happen to bump into another player regardless is it your team mate or opponent, you will lose your balance and fall.
We had so much fun when TW came and join the 4 men co-op play as we narrowly lost 6-5 to Barcelona, satisfying cruise past Real Madrid before succumbing to the midfield dynamos of Roma.
For the remaining of the night, we took the highly-talented Spain to win the World Cup and the hot team in Premier League now, Hull City and won a round robin competition, replaying the final against Argentina after my fault led to the equalizer before the likes of Dean WIndass and Bryan Hughes who were so brilliant under our control got tired and we lost it in extra time.
After being so immersed in it that we even forgotten the names of our other halves, we had to call it a night by around 1 plus, not before we tried the "Create A Legend" mode which got Howe Chern thoroughly addicted.
You basically create a young talent and like Lionel Messi, the spokesperson of the game, you have the capability to take the world by storm.
I sampled it out as a blonde dreadlock Thai guy by CS' alter ego, Tempest Dawn (which didn't impress him much) and basically just work it out in training matches as a winger.

The next day I created my personal legend, a 17 year olf Dutch striker by the name of Krystof, using my own photograph uploaded via a thumbdrive...talk about ego trip...
I began my journey by notching a brace in a amatuer football game before Real Betis was the club of my choice.
After impressing in 4 training matches which I scored in almost all the games, I finally made the bench of the first team.
Having granted like the most 25 minutes of playing time, I couldn't make my mark until I played a full 2nd half in an European tie against Chievo Verona which I put on a Man of the Match award.
Another goal as substitute and Krystof assumed first team striker position in place or more seasoned strikers like Xisco, Jose Mari and Pavone and he took his chance by his mouth and put in more swashbuckling appearances including 5 goals against highly-fancied Villareal, a crucial winner away at Santiago Bernabau and a hat-trick at Arsenal.
Although I must say I did not get to groom my overall skill in the game like astute passing or fancy moves, I had really groom to be a fearsome goal poacher and I truly relish it... it is little wonder one will be addicted to it.
I begin to take the foresight of a professional footballer where your career hangs on how many goals you scored and how disappointing it was to be to see you being replaced from the 1st team.
Really looking forward how far this legend of mine would be as the game carries on.
Meanwhile CS moaned about how his Chinese winger persona had problem finding the back of the net while Foo's Peter Crouch lookalike didn't seem to mix well with his team mates at Nantes.

The game had so much more to explore with secret legends to unlock plus full ability to customize to your pleasing..I must really wax lyricals of this new PES...well one major turn off would be the online Legends game though...as reflected by others it was tedious to register the Konami ID and even when I got it the game was laggy and totally killed the game for me. Hope they would come out with a patch or something....
But doesn't matter I want to spend more time with Krystof anyway....

Oh yeah by the way, TW annouced his proposal to his lass was successful and the wedding should be a go come a year and a half later... Time to help my buddy plan his casual wedding affair.. as he said he wants it to be...watch this space...

Japanese word of the day: 伝説(Legend) The only legend we know so far is that uncle in JCS

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