Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Windfall or Major Loss?

14th October 2008, Tuesday

Had a ball of a day with the La Tendo gang on Saturday...
It began with another badminton session at the Nexus in Toa Payoh when for the inaugural time, the combination of myself and the missus actually convincingly beat a rather lackluster pair of Ferris and Tay-chan (the former looked like he hasn't slept for days as usual).
However Ferris was well and alive when searching for the trailer for the upcoming 20th Century Fox production of the Dragonball movie on his iPhone which the rest unaminously agreed that it scarred them soundly as it did to me.
Went back in the afternoon to pack for the next day's clearance sale at CSC then left for Coronation Plaza at Bukit Timah Road for another birthday celebration..this time it's the christened duo of Miyano and Tay-chan.

We arrived right on time but the likes of EK decided to drop in as late as we did for the missus' birthday dinner...
Slightly famished, Vincent (who else would you suspect otherwise) would politely beckon the waitress to serve the course.
We had a truly hearty time savoring the sumptous vegetarian affair this restaurant had been famous to produce which can be vividly indicated by the probability of the joint been loaded by famished diners each time we patronised it.
We finished off with the walnut carrot cake Bryan had volunteered to buy which was straight up my alley with cinnamon and all...if only there was raisin as well and I could just devour the entire cake by myself.
We did a re-selection of our secret gift partner as Chan had lost Karen's partner's name but in the end the latter didn't make it for the dinner once again but she did chosen hers in the morning.
After an unlikely bout which see 3 of us picking our own names (scary in fact..I was one of them), we finally stuck with the name for us to work our brain cells for till 24th December.
We then listened about Miyano's dismeanour with her Sims and Zoo Tycoon when she can't cheat for the former while trying hard to be rooted to infidelity in the game throughout while rearing a unicorn (with for a while got me choke to whatever I was eating at that moment when she mentioned "unicorn") in the latter.
We sent Chan and Bryan back and I would meet the 2 within hours at CSC on Sunday.

They were abnout 3/.4 through with the setting up when I arrived but there was no buzz at our table whatsoever even when I was emptying my share of sales items.
Business was bleak till 12 and I was dejected when this time last week the duo were already barely had enough time to breath.
I then decided to let fate takes it course while starting to hook up my NDS for my Final Fantasy 4 adventure while the missus frowned over my negative approach to it all.
Ferris came and lent a small space on the table for a pair of Valkyries he had customised from that awful looking Macross Archive series, hoping sell at $25 each.
This is also the set the others were dying to get off their hand a day after they bought it amid their unwillingless (since they had pre-ordered).
Bryan managed to sell his to an unknowing customer last week and Chan managed to do so this time with that usual gleeful grin illuminating from his face from the end of the transaction.
Business did managed to pick up just after 1 or 2 as our strategic location once show.
I managed to sell a couple of old trading figures I had been hoping to get off my collection since the very first time I set up booth with Chan.
The strategy of clumping all the loose figurines into the $2 box for Bryan and the gashapon sets in the $10 box from Chan worked splendidly as it was much more alluring to rummage through the mess to perhaps find some sort of "treasure" rather than seeing the items nicely displayed on the table...After the Singaporean spirit persist with the inclination for shopping center sales phenomenon.
With Chan's help, I managed to sell a recently acquired Alter Saber from "Fate/hollow ataraxia" figurine at a nice fraction of the price I paid.
There was a middle-aged lady who spent quite a sum at our table, with all 3 of us benefiting from her massive haul; but I was also the only one giving her discounts up to $7.
A scrawny bemustached guy with his younger brother kept hassling me to cut the price of my Revoltech Alter Saber which was already a steal at $15; pointing out how paint had scraped off from the sword handle or how unsightly the manufacturer error was for a joint (as if I was to blame).
But being so malevolent that afternoon with the notion to clear whatever I can since I will only be there for 2 weeks, I gave him $3 discount.
Another sales of a gashapon set I had spent like $30 over for just for one of the figurine but only sold at $20 when I should had jacked up the price by $5 if I knew there was another variant of the figurine I want in it making it an almost complete set...bummer.
The ultimate steal was this group of suspected Taiwanese who had their eyes on the Bleach Characters collection (like many before them but were put off by the price) at the stroke of us closing the stall for the day.
After some consideration and knowing there was not much time to ponder, they decided to clear it all from me at the price I quoted $180 for 19 figurines surely is a steal considering Part 1 could easily cost them almost half that price.
They were so infatuated with Bleach they also went for a complete Vol. 2 of the Daizen series which I let go at the cut-throat offer of $20 (cost me twice that previously).
But once again their bargaining tactic from multiple sources worked and I cut $10 off that price since they had made the single most extravagant purchase we have for our history at CSC.
Then the rotund sister even made off a nice Hitsugaya figure with his Bankai ice dragon from Vol. 3 Daizen as a gift which I was reluctant to let go but they knew I was easy meat and wouldn't take no as an answer.
So by the end of the day, staring at the wad of cash in my pocket,surely it had been a fulfilling day of sales much exceeding what I had anticipated but at the same time when I realize how much loss I had made with those incredible low price, I couldn't help but felt a tinge of regret at the same time...

Japanese word of the day:販売(Sales) After the great showing, I literally left with a handful to sell this week...

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