Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Trekking & Love Shuffling

11th May 2009, Monday

The Vesak-Mother's Day weekend combo went pass nonchalantly as I didn't feel at shred of festivity in my blood.
Didn't bother to jump on the propaganda bandwagon like many of my foolish countrymen to hit the restaurants and what not to shower their love to their mothers.
I would bring my folks out another day when places are less congested (like there would be any).

It was a "boys out" from the La Tendo clique on Saturday except Miyano of course as we hit AMK Hub to catch the new rendition of "Star Trek" by J.J. Abrams and fellow Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof.

A thorough fanboy machine when Abrams worked on the alternate reality option with the time-space continum shit when the story focused on James Tiberus Kirk and Spock in their youth and sprawling to carve a niche in the Federation and their progress were hastily rushed when a renegade Romulun troop from the future came back into the past and caused a lot of chaos.

It was hell of a ride with alot of action and several take on the classic series to appease the most avid Trekkies out there.
Thought Chris Pine did a decent job as the character that shot William Shatner into fame. That blue-eyed American hero was a stereotype nonetheless.
Zachary Quinto or Sylar from "Heroes" got on the Spock persona well though I found him less stoic that Leonard Nimoy who made an appearance to dispel all the claim that he was dead from many years back.
Karl Urban (Eomer from LOTR), John Cho (Harold from Harold & Kumar) & Zoe Saldana all did good with their reprisal, though my words aren't justifiable for I had never caught the classic Star Trek series.
The one that steal the show for a while has to be Anton Yelchin who was the Russian navigator, Chekov who's instruction on the PA in his strong Russian accent put everyone in the theater into fit.

We caught the show in the digital theater though I couldn't really differentiate that to a normal version.
Nonetheless "Star Trek" looks to be the Dark Knight of 2009, easily will garner the movie of the year in my book; others in the coming weeks and months have a big shoe to fill.

On Sunday, just laze around with the missus as we went on a Japanese dorama marathon.

The show in focus this week was a TBS series from the 2009 winter season, "Love Shuffle".
The series talked about 4 executive-style neighbors who got acquainted only when trapped in a lift breakdown during a blackout decided to play a "love shuffling" game after all showing signs of jadedness in their relationships.
So in a talk over dinner while enticing their respective partners, the 4 couples agreed on playing the Labu-Sha (short form) game which on weekly basis, everyone rotate their partner to gauge how they would feel with someone new while allow the others to analyze the partner.
The story itself made use of a lot of Japanese pun to create some jokes between the cast which will be bewildering for non-Japanese speakers.
Hiroshi Tamaki, the main lead nicknamed Usagi was in his usual frantic best as a paranoid boyfriend who always thought he was 2nd best for his wealthy fiancee, Mei.
His frantic nature resembles alot of his previous roles including Chiaki from "Nodame Cantabile" and even as Sakamoto Ryoma in "Atsuhime"; but his boy-next-door nature plus a young chap with alot of dreams made him lovable in this dorama series, cemented his "prince-like" status further.

The cast had been pretty decent for the ladies viewers as joining Hiroshi is Matsuda Shota who played a really cool photographer who showed a passionate heart despite his aloof hide.
Daigo, the lead singer of Breakerz as well as a talent with ascending popularity in Japanese TV played the wealthy yet eagerly seeking for true friends, Yuki and the dashing Tanihara Sosuke (from "Handsome Suit") played the gentlement psychiatrist, Kikuta.
The show reunited Hiroshi, Matsuda and Tanihara from "Top Caster".

As for the male viewers, actress-model Karina will always be an eye candy assumes the only female neighbor, translator Aiai (nickname) while a seemingly fresh face on the rise, Yoshitaka Yuriko (now can also be seen in "Shiroi Haru") as the suicidal poor artist, Kairi.
Usagi's girlfriend was a relative unknown, so was the sexy vixen wife of a poltician, Reiko.

The concept of Labu-sha was interesting but can be detrimental when you have developed an interest for the other party's partner.
The story also came with a twist in the middle which really perks things up but the chummy happiness among the group had been enveloped with the suicidal tendency of Kairi, a character who spoke more than 1 sentences each time.
The show which featured some high end executive lifestyles in Tokyo surely is not the best thing to be seen in current economic climate; one would even felt the whole game was something rich, self-centered young Japanese would play out of boredom.
However it did got a bit more real when Usagi quit from his job after a fight with some gangsters and found it hard to survive with his lack of actual qualification.
His pursuit of a career which could give him dream and aspiration led him to be a politician which also delved into some pain the sprawling youth of Japan is facing now.
However that supposed to take a backseat for the love comedy which is the main theme here.

Nevertheless the script by famous trendy dorama innovator, Nojima Shinji was rather entertaining and I found myself liking almost all the characters, including the creepy Kikuta.

Japanese word of the day: 混合(Shuffle) I wouldn't mind weekly shuffling of partner with the likes of Karina and other Japanese actresses of my liking

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