Monday, August 25, 2008

End of the Olympic Extravaganza

25th August 2008, Monday

Has it been 16 days already?
It was just few days ago when I was at Ferris' place watching the grand opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics... The Chinese certainly closed the sporting summit with a bang as they had opened as well as everyone in the world celebrate a great success and paid full compliments on how well the Chinese contingent had run the show while their athletes didn't let their home crowd down with a great haul of 51 golds, way ahead of nearest competitors, the United States of America.

The Americans did ended on a high note with Los Angeles Lakers star,Kobe Bryant saved his best for last in the closing minute of the final game against Spain to win this "Dream Team 8" the coveted gold medal.
I had been rooting for anyone to be able to upstage the pompous NBA stars but full credits to the likes of Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, LeBron James etc who certainly didn't let their concentration down and lived to their billing.
The Spainards caught my eyes as well with some really talented individuals, the Gasol brothers aside. They should be ruling the scene for a few more years for sure.

The US Men Volleyball team also snatched the gold medals under the nose of the hot favorites, Brazil. Together with the victory of the Women's Football team and Basketball team, the American surely might be the king of the ball games.

Argentina didn't disappoint when they reclaimed that gold medal in the Men's Football beating Nigeria in a repeat of the 1996 Olympics final under the grueling early afternoon sun. It was only one of the 2 gold medals for the 2nd largest South American nation. Messi and other well-known players aside, I believe the likes of di Maria, Lavezzi, Pareja, Zabaleta and Monzon will find themselves in bigger clubs than they are now. So will some of their lesser known Nigerian opponents like Obinna, Obasi and Okoronkwo will be highly sought after in the European scene.

Usain Bolt notched his 3rd gold in the Men's 4X100m relay and the tracks surely is well dominated by the Jamaicans this time round.

Our local table tennis queen, Li Jiawei failed to get at least a bronze medal to add to the team's silver medal but the mood in our little red dot was joyous nevertheless.
The only dent was when the president of the table tennis association decided to sack the manager and the coach of the team for not appearing for a men's singles game.
This led to furore to some of the local people and the debacle and debates continue for at least this week.

The mayor of London brought with him his carnival including a signature red double decker bus which can be transformed into a stage revealing hot singer Leona Lewis and Led Zepplin guitarist, Jimmy Page as well as David Beckham who kicked a ball into the crowd to take over the Olympics baton to be hosted in 2012.
We all knew and they themselves knew it would be hard to reciprocate the great work of the Chinese who surely by now had made their mark on international stage.

It had been a soggy weekend which spoiled my plan to head down to the nether region of our island to get the remote control to my home theater system rectified on Saturday morning.
I did made it for the badminton which was well attended by whoever interested these days.
After a hearty brunch (at least for myself), we headed down to Kallang Leisure Park in EK's trusty Vios though the combined weight of me, Chan and Reedy surely had took its toll on the the rear suspension.
It had been a while since the few of us hang around the shop for a good deal of a Saturday but with the location and the bad weather, there was nowhere else we could head towards to.
Reiner (still unsure of the spelling of his name till this very day) had left for greener pastures and KJ who seemed overworked was given an off day, so basically the Tay brothers were running the show on their own especially with Vincent well caught up with whatever business he was entangled in in recent times which tells why he was rarely seen here.

We just hang around chatting about mainly otaku stuff while I waited for the missus to come fetch me, not knowing it would be evening by the time she arrived.
I had intended to reach home for dinner but that became supper as we got back shy of the 12 midnight...

I first compose this post on Monday but only managed to finish up on Wednesday; surely a sign of pace picking up at work...
Everything had been in place after that dormant month or so, and even that 4 pair of hands can't churn out results for 2 concurrent projects fast enough.
The weekend working option was activated and I should be starting the ball rolling with HB this coming Saturday...well at least for the next few weeks till October

Japanese word of the day: 浪費(Extravagance): China's extravagance for the Olympics had made it too hard for London to remotely match it

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