Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Digestive Overload

16th September 2008, Tuesday

It had been a frantic weekend for my esophagus, stomach, colons, ileum, jejunum, duodenum and the rest of the digestive tract as I embarked on a three day dining spree

On Saturday the 13th, the missus celebrated her 27th birthday and what better way was to dine (minus the wine) with our La Tendo buddies.

The celebration however begun a day earlier when we headed to Bar & Billiard Room for the well-recommended international cuisine buffet which the missus had been treated by a colleague some months back and felt I would truly enjoy the gastronomical journey.
The former colonial billiard saloon with a prominent bar in the middle of the hall with nice European style design and ambient lighting to create the mood surely should be more for fine drinking and listening to some classy French music or jazz.
Instead the place was bustled with boisterous chattering and deafening laughter while the entire floor was seen with toddlers scurrying around.
I questioned the idea of bringing the kids who usually don't eat much to such high-end buffet but obviously there are quite a hefty proportion of loaded parents who simply dote their young offsprings.
Working through from the salad bar to the nice selection of cheese and bread and grilled steaks which I find a bit to tough for my liking; I had a penchant for the main meal section with nicely stewed sauteed veal and cream fresh scallops as well as baked cheese macaroni which was much unlike those I had tasted previously which was an overkill to my appetite.
I even went for a 2nd serving...
By then despite only taking small servings of each of the wide selection, I was 80% stuffed to the brim.
The main feature of the buffet surely has to be the dessert corner... With nicely baked pastries, cakes and praline & chocolate delights, the allure for a high glucose and calorie level is simply too hard to resist.
In the end, I did managed to gobble down that few items from the counter I had my eyes on from my first scouting trip and was blissfully satisfied while the missus who skipped lunch and upped her usual consumption only had a bit to nibble on.
We had a good stroll around the City Link area at HMV which was the only store open at 10pm when we were there.

On Saturday, we were late for badminton despite it was almost at our doorstep in Yio Chu Kang as I had to snagged the missus out of bed on this nice wet Saturday morning to work off some of the calories we attained over the binging last evening.
She did sweat it out with that few duels with Ferris and Ek but also hurt her brittle bones along the way as well.
After lunch at AMK Hub followed by a stay at La Tendo's alliance shop, Funz Center where I got the strategy guide for Disgaea 3, we parted ways as we went on to catch "Hana Yori Dango F" which was just a vehicle to showcase how much money TBS and its collaborator can dump in for such extravagant film but at least with a cushy-wushy happy ending as the TV series have always done so previously.
With a combionation of late departure as well as traveling to the east of the island to drop off some goods as well as a brief stopby at La Tendo, we were running late for the dinner at Quality Hotel.
To compound misery to our race against time, the missus mistook her route and we landed somewhere in Braddell as we stare down to almost an hour late.
As usual knowing my wretched nature, I blew my top and it really didn't solve the problem but I simply couldn't help it as my insensitive self kicks in, even on her birthday.
Perhaps if I had more sense of direction of Singapore, things would work out fine... damn I'm a loser.
Anyway we got to Quality Hotel eventually and the vegetarian buffet was quite a spread. Even with the lack of meat, onions or garlic, the food tasted great as Vincent (who was made an appearance last minute since returning from his exchange trip) had quite a few servings.
However we should had leave a bit of space for the orange-apricot cake Chan had ordered for the occasion and many of us couldn't finish our cream-ladened slices.
We then chose the teams for the X'mas party as well as the prospective gift target.. Think more on that in the coming months.
With a well-loaded digestive system for the 2nd night in the row, we headed back home after there was a heated discussion on how the woeful Man Utd lost 2-1 at Anfield to home side Liverpoo...

On Sunday which was the Mid Autumn Festival, I went to work in the afternoon as of last week with His Beautiness as my partner.
By 5 plus, the missus came to pick me up for the dinner at Pagoda Street with my family to commemorate Dad's lunar birthday.
It was an authentic Teochew restaurant at an obscure corner at the flip side of Pagoda Street which you would miss if you didn't look carefully.
Being Teochew descent, I had an appetite for nice Teochew cuisine especially when you have a mother who can churn them out on daily basis.
However we were all clamouring how good the dinner was at the end of it especially the Chestnut Stewed Chicken and Fried Oyster Egg (Or Lua) and for the missus Yam Paste (Or Nee) with Pumpkin.

With such a gastronomical marathon, my poor digestive system surely is overwork and what goes in surely has to come out to maintain the balance.. So over the next few days, just hope that my work out routine can burn as much calorie as possible....

Japanese word of the day: 小林尊 ~ko-ba-ya-shi ta-ke-ru~ I am no eating champion like Kobayashi-san

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