Monday, November 10, 2008

A Brush with the Italian...Ma...Pasta

10th November 2008, Monday

This is perhaps the most unforgettable gift for my birthdays so far:

A rather deep gash (blood clot and coagulation by the following night) on the right eye-lid which resulted in a rather swollen affected area when I come in for work today

How did I got myself to this unfortunate blemish on my beautiful angelic face you might ask...well here goes:
It was a pretty humid night in Palermo, Sicily, Italy.
Me and the missus were happily dining at a rather cozy pasta joint by the name of Michaelangelo's when the notorious Greco mafia (or what they like to know themselves as Cosa Nostra) who were waging a new interfamily war for dominance of the well-established mafia family suddenly dirsupted our beautiflu night of dining.
Unruly scuffled ensued at the restaurant and in the midst of it, a wine bottle was hurled towards our direction...We managed to dodge the glass bottle in full acceleration, but I couldn't escaped unscathed from the impact of the glass shards from the shattering of the same bottle on the cobblestone pavement hit my eye lid, resulting in that gash...
The lucky part of it all was that I hadn't gone blind because of it...

Well sorry to have my imagination runs amok there...

We did went for dinner at a Italian restaurant known as Michaelangelo's but it wasn't at Sicily but Jalan Merah Saga along Holland Drive in Singapore.
For years since I ever patronized Holland Village (not that it's a personal favorite of mine but with the close proximity of NUS and then my current workplace, HV is always a good place to hang out), I had always seen the shop logo of the renowned restaurant but always at the rear.
When the missus offered to take me out for dinner for my birthday and with my undying love for Italian cuisine especially pasta, I was compelled to finally grace this restaurant which TW gave 2 thumbs up for ambiance.

On Saturday, due to me too immersed in my soccer games on PS3 and on PC, we left home pretty late, and the only viable transport method was hailing a cab since we had intended to drink that evening.
We hadn't taken cab as often due to the constant inclusion of more surcharges, but when we do take one usually for late night out without the comfort of our own transport, it's usually those drivers from hell who deep down trying to be the next Lewis Hamilton...wearing out their brakes much faster than wearing off their condoms...
The missus hated those diabolical rides but on Saturday we were glad the Malay cab driver had much control behind the wheel and she even slept the entire journey.

Not knowing the exact location of Michaelangelo's, I just went on intuition when we turn into Taman Warna and hit the jackpot.
We arrived the restaurant with most of the front yard being used for dining leaving a small path for passerby to gaze at the fine dining across the picket fences.
I had made reservation for dining indoors but we immediately realized it was slightly too stuffy inside and we shifted outside before I could admire the mural of the angel inside.
It was much more comfortable outside with a rather still evening though slight breezes cause the flame of the oil lamp to flicker.

The hospitable waitress (think we were been served by 6-7 different staff that evening, some from the neighboring sister restaurant Sistina) handed us the menu for the main course.
There weren't a wide selection to choose from the appertizers. pasta and grill items, but we had to ensure we order the right item to suit our taste, whet our tastebuds and make the money worth.

For appertizer the missus went for something more conventional in crab salad while I chose Bruschetta (it's authentic Italian restaurant item as well as the cheapest of the lot).
For main course, my penchant for pasta made me go for Tagliatelle Agrocosta with succulent lobster meat and asparagus while the missus took on the black cod in coffee sauce by the name of Tip di Meluzzo..
To live up the lavish dining, we asked for the wine list as well but we had totally no idea a specific winery or year we want, so the waiter recommended a bottle of Australian white wine which certainly right up our alley.

With the nice warm November breeze, chic Italian music playing on the background, authenthic Italian cuisine and fine wine as well as Caucasian diners to our left and right, for a moment we felt we wern't even in Singapore.

When I looked at the portion of my pasta, I felt I might not be full by the dinner ended..Boy was I wrong...it could be the thick saue that really filled me up or perhaps I had too much white wine...
That didn't stop us for going for some dessert and coffee.
Surely I had tiramisu and didn't regretted my choice as the missus rue over her brownie though that wasn't too bad as well.
The specialty coffee which seems to include a high level of cafe liqour was surely was something but the concotion of the white wine and then the coffee as well as the liqour in the Tiramisu, I was beginning to feel queasy.

A nausea feeling hits me and I knew I might had lost control of my alcoholic level for the night.... It's not the best time just get drunk with the missus unable to drag me back home.
I staggered my way to the restroom located deep within the interior of the restaurant... I felt the need to take a leak or at worst vomit I wouldn't embarrassed myself outside.
Fortunately the latter didn't occur but within the dimly-litted lavatory, I felt I really lost all voluntary functions of my body but I did try to wash my hands at the sink, except I doubt I even managed to turn the water on.
As I tried to leave the toilet in my groggy state, I hit my head hard on the wooden door but it did sober me up a bit.
I was still finding my balance when I try to return to the seats when a friendly bemoustached Indian waiter came to my aid and gave me the support before I managed to pace myself back to the table.
The missus had no idea what had happen but was alarmed to see the gash on my head.and crimson blood standing out on my pale face.
Mr Nice Waiter then came by to offer me some lime juice to ward off any excessive alcohol level within; by then I was close to fully sober...starting to felt silly for my mishap.

We still had still quite a bit of white wine to go but at this juncture, the wine wasn't as chilled and because of the sweetness of the lime juice, it's kind of repulsive to finish it up.

We left the restaurant very much enjoyed the dining experience and the personal touch of the crew of Michaelangelo's they are so well-known for.
As we left to the Cold Storage supermarket at Holland Road Shopping Center for some groceries, the bleeding from the gash was relentless but not profusely that would freak out the general public...
We left for home by any trip by cab...

Wine & Dine at Michaelangelo's : $200+++
Cab rides To & Fro : $35
Got drunk on white wine and cafe liquor and knock myself silly on the toilet door: Priceless

Would love to go back to the Italian restaurant again in the near future I hope...

Japanese word of the day:飲まれる (Drunk) I'm usually conscious on how I can hold my alcohol without being too over the top with the ugly state of lying in my own vomit...luckily I didn't end my prestigious run on Saturday

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