Monday, October 05, 2009

The Prez Relinquished his Role Part 1

5th October 2009, Monday

Into the month of October when notable marriages take precedence over everything else.
Considering my own wedding (albeit customary) was held in October in 2006, it certainly is a month of merry-making, well at least within the Lunar calendar.

My buddy held his solemnization cum customary luncheon on the Mid-Autumn Festival and it was surely a good occasion for some sort of reunion.

The whole event began on Friday evening when after a hair cut, I took a ride on CS' Mitsubishi Lancer down to TW's place at Telok Kurau Lor G.
I was crossing my fingers that he would be back home when I had done with the haircut, and true indeed he barely made it home and needed time to wash up and have his dinner.
He had yet draw the cash for the red packet, so we took a drive around the industrial park before picking Foo from his place.

Foo made a last minute decision to join us for our mini-Stag party since the time we met up had been easy on his work schedule and thus for a long while the Wreckers were back in full force and I certainly cherished the time we were going to have especially when after marriage, TW's precious time might be even divided between work and his wife.

After stocking up on root beer and a tub of ice-cream, we finally arrived at the nuptial villa and the sight of his Subaru R2 ornate for the ceremony was quite amusing since it is so cubic, it looked like a really huge present.
Each of us took one of those ribbon thingies and tie a dead knot on the handle of the 4 doors of CS' car and definitely a significant featurette to kick off the evening.

His household was buzzing with preparation for the customary wedding procedures tomorrow but it looked very much whatever needed to be done had been done, despite TW kept yapping about he might have missed out certain things.

It was well documented that his room had vast space to house all his hobby needs and a workstation.
Even with a queen size bed, a new white (hasn't it been always) chest of drawers and a supposed dressing table which had yet to arrive, there was plenty of room to engage in an Argentine tango in.
He mentioned now that he had acquired a laptop, there was very little need to work in his room as he could do in the living room area where we resided for the night.

Dylan. TW's adorable nephew was well past his napping schedule when he joined the boys to catch the premiere of the latest season of "The Amazing Race".
There was a new twist to the plot this season as the race started eliminating one couple even before the crew managed to hit the airport.
It happened to be this uber-confident Yoga-preaching pair with the guy looking affably like Triple H from WWE.
Nicknamed "Numero Uno", the pair despondently were given the boot when they failed to locate the car plate number with the Kanji for the Tokyo locale of "Shinagawa".
TW and myself were especially enthused about their dismissal as we had a staunch dislike of the pretentious couple.

Despite being a loyal viewer of the Emmy-award winning reality series as it allowed one to marvel at the various alluring corners of our planet, the fact that they cooked up a lame Japanese game show in their first road block where the contestants were forced to gobble down a wasabi-filled sushi via a roulette, hosted by a mock Japanese host who actually was from Hawaiian or Guam and speaking in a poorly choreographed Japanese-style English and in front of a crowd of North Koreans masquerading as Japanese tourists, that was a last straw with their stereotype shit in front of the bunch of us who had been dabbling with Japanese pop culture avidly.
The myriad of colors with poorly sketched animation did give young Dylan a good time.

We then flipped to Star World where David Letterman was entertaining Madonna on his show.
Instead of enjoying Letterman's dry humor, we actually were more interested in how hideous the pop queen is this days behind her cake of make-up.

The highlight of the night arrived when we started gathering round Pepsiman whose endless wretched tales never failed to perk out interest.
Getting remotely drunk on rootbeer float, CS narrated with his usual panache of the various interesting characters he encountered at work.
As TW said the stories kept escalating into an relentless climax as it definitely made CS' workplace a twisted circus that he deeply hated but can't bear to leave.

The seconds trickled past 2 am as the large golden frame clock which was a complimentary from some famous hard liquor company had indicated.
With dawn beckoning and we needed to be up at 6, we had better catch a wink but CS was doused in Red Bull which Foo had offered and prompted him to stay awake while myself too was too high to bring myself to sleep.
So for the next 4 hours or so I just lie on the cold slab known as a mattress, trying to rest my mind for the big day.

With his parents up and running at around 5 in the morning, the 4 of us did got up by the postulated hour as Foo's uncontrollable sinu s problem became synonym to daybreak.
After taking turn in the shower (not together), we started to dress in our best outfit and before the photographer arrived at 7.15am, we were raring to go.


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