Monday, June 01, 2009

A Cool Night Out with My Chums

1st June 2009, Monday

The entire last week was culminating towards Friday evening when I had got TW and CS on board for a hang out session with the usual playing of games on the console and let the proceedings flow and see where it took us to.

My friendship with my buddy began almost 21 years back and it never seemed to waned as we were so alike in many interests and ideologies and he always knew how to entertain me.
Over the years I had grew tolerance for his staunch way of handling things, his passion in whatever he does as well as not conforming to how we would like him to, such as a simple matter of hooking a LAN cable to his Playstation 3.
CS was TW's secondary school friend but it was surely fate how 3 of us would stick out like an odd trio over the years.
Perhaps the time we had been apart (TW with his days in Vancouver and Osaka while CS spent 2 years in Glasgow pursuing his degree) had galvanised our friendship even further.

It could be a quartet of wrecking buddies but the missing link was as it said, "missing".
I assumed he was on call for national duty but he hadn't update me on anything else for like 2 weeks now.

The evening began when I got home slightly early after entitled to leave an hour early from work with the "Eat With Your Family Day" program encouraged by the Center of Fathering (what in the world is that?!).
After preparing the stuff I promised to bring along to TW's place at Telok Kurau, a change of scenery for a game session which usually was at CS' place or my place if it was just the 2 of us.

I arrived at CS' block at Serangoon slightly ahead of time and could feel the humidity driving me to the roof as the stickiness of the skin from the sweating just ain't my ideal way to begin the night.

Fortunately my IT-savvy friend didn't made me wait too long as we hopped onto his white Mitsubishi Lancer. He did pointed out he might not last long for the night as work during the day surely would take its toll at due time.

When we arrived, the first person...well we always regarded him as one was his household pet mongrul, Happy.
The aged canine was still enthusiastic over the years since I first saw him as a puppy which couldn't stop yapping away.
Behind him was a little toddler with a very familiar face... Immediately it got to me it was his baby nephew, now closing in to one and a half years old and developed sturdy limbs to see him walking steadily.

TW's older sister was staying with her family as she is expecting the 2nd child, the water at her place is sure fertile.

Little nephew yearned to join us for our virtual football yet he was not to comfortable with 2 strange faces wearing black shirts, came knocking in the middle of the night.
Nevertheless being the baby of the household and a pretty adorable one, it was understandable he is well doted and soon he would leave us on our own, doing some theatrics which his mother was real proud of before making his departure.

So we began some kicking about on Pro Evolution Soccer 2009.
Barcelona's comprehensive victory in the UEFA Champions League final at Rome Stadio Olympico was the inspiration for us to take the Catalans giant.

CS who surely hadn't touch the game in a long while was rusty but patiently we put him into the groove though we can't be too proud as he had set the level on "amatuer" since the beginning of time.

Chelsea with that bugged talent known as Joe Cole proved to be hard for our Barca but we perservered, i.e. kept replaying them in the exhibition till we ultimately reached our motive of just mauling the Blues from London.

Then we began a whirlwind Konami Cup which featured clubs as well as countries including a Cameroon side we faced in the semi finals, containing the clone of our star striker Eto'o.

It was a of hearty great fun to rib at each other's errors while glamouring each stunning goal we conjured especially when TW found the way to convert goals with well precision.
It would be better if we could all shut off our mobile phone but it was impossible as it seems.

After that tournament we began engaging in a conversation which we hadn't done as a trio for a while.

The crux of the conversation surrounds our life with regards to our career as well as our other half.
I vividly remembered a good 14 years or so back, we were discussing about how our lives would be when we reached 30... It was a tad too uncertain but we knew someone up there must have loved us, bestowing us a jobs and a partner which 3 of us deemed to be our live-long companion.

TW gave us an insight of his new job which required him to serve as the chief lecturer, he sure is going places among us.
But he had his issues with taking charge of a band of established professionals in his field who aren't exactly comfortable to taking orders from someone like himself with less credentials.
Meanwhile CS just hated his job to the core and when times are good, I forsee him making the jump.

We also touched on my missus' sideline which had one chap nearly "conning" CS to join, laying the bait of an attractive career prospective.
As much as I am fully supportive of my wife's involvement and her aspirations, we are all just too skeptical about the probability to be a success story as many inside had vouched it could happen.

Then there was some brainstorming for TW's forthcoming wedding and marriage in Singapore on the whole.
He had managed to economize his ceremony with a very understanding bride but he was incensed with the Singapore housing situation, refusing to pay a ransom for a HDB flat which one would hold for just 99 years.

We all starrted speculating how things would take a turn in this crossroad of our lives.
Personally I revealed my fear of how long could I see myself in my line as 40 might be too old for comfort in my field.
Nevertheless we are all just too glad to remain status quo, spending our leisure time playing games and doing very "fanboy" like stuff while our other halves led a more happening lifestyle on their own.

The time was close to 3 in the morning when by now CS' eyes were sodden with veins as his body was yelling for him to rest and we called it a day.

It was great time shared with 3 good friends and from TW, he would like to do it again...I hope it might not wait for another few years or even months for the next one.

Japanese word of the day: 連絡をとりなさい(Keep in Touch) The problem with good friends tends to be too captivated with their own lives and failed to keep in touch



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