Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Roll Call

18th October 2005, Tuesday

A quiet day at work (as usual now without the rumblings of BY around) but JxMMy took an urgent leave for today once again due to her wife's ailing health... Lance (the male attachment student) just AWOL..way cool, always love him for adopting such a slacker mode... our supervisor herself tries to clear leave for these 2 days but she was visibly around the place till lunch...

Taking the opportunity of JxMMy's absence I had a nice chat with Bobby at our own domain about everything from IPPT to NUS life to how he would cope with her girlfriend becoming a full-fledge teacher..
Meanwhile YM looks so lacking in lusture, and really pin to the fact that she is missing the presence of BY at work, though they still meet often when waiting for the bus to work or during lunchtime.

Anyway the entire admin was going frenzy for today as they are half-expecting the arrival of a VVIP... give you a hint, he is the one that rules our country and I'm not talking about Mr President, go figure...
Actually he was supposed to take a tour around some of the much more glistering, nicely-packaged research institute (including BY's new workplace which is touted as "The Star of our organisation") but there might be a tremendously remote chance he might want to use the latrines over at our side; that was enough to drive Old Hag and his Motley crew to prepare everything (red carpet, confetti, streamers etc) for his unexpected arrival this afternoon, and totally shut off the lobby area between 4.30pm to 6pm. Meaning they would be discontinuing the operation of the elevators and shut off the card access doors of staircases...This prompted a furore from the various personel in our workplace about "trapping" us in for the day...and I am contemplating whether to make my escape before 4.30 before they officially shut us in..all for nothing at all...

The nuptials bug been eating my inside for a second day in a row...
Had a chat with mom about my holy plan for next year which of course she and Dad would approve unanimously and vociferously; but she laid down some "rules to the game" that gave me a tight slap into reality..
I had not included dowry into my budget...and I seriously prayed my future mother-in-law ain't those vicious, money-hungry vampire that is awaiting to suck her son-in-law dry of his bank account.. But then on the verge of divorce, she would just be up for anything.

Secondly she would request a certain number of tables for the banquet and the "ang baos" collected from those relatives and friends will defintely be going into my mother-in-laws' pocket..OUCH
I mean that to me is ok unless she requests for 19 tables when I have only plan for 20

But come to think of it, 20 tables (as emphasized by YM again this morning) may not be enough for us...

Let's do a roll call (of an blueprint of the guest list)
1) The host family table (where my family, her family and we would be sitting)
2) My paternal relatives - 2 tables
3) My maternal relatives - 4 tables (or maybe 3)
4) Her maternal relatives - 4 tables (maybe 3)
5) My parents' friends - hopefully 1 table
6) My colleagues - perhaps 3/4 table
7) My buddy's TW and his family whom have watched me grow up - the remaining 1/4
8) My Japanese clique and buddy CS and girlfriend, QTee - 1 table
9) My La Tendo Clique - 1 table
10) Our common NUS friends (after much scrutiny) - 3-4 tables
11) Her colleagues - 2 tables
12) Her other friends (including her sideline) - 2 tables
13) Miscellanous 1 table (better be prepared)

That gives us a grand total of 24 tables...yikes 4 more than prior calculation

And the fact that if a table cost around $700 (for good food), add a bit of GST and service charge as well as charges for the peanuts, servettes, decorations and liquor (damn you drinkers, I don't even wanna drink in my wedding, what makes the rest of you wanna get drunk and ruin my night?!)
should come up to around $900 per table

*Gulp*...where am I gonna cough out that extra money... maybe can put our honeymoon on hold first till the following year since we actually planned to go in 2007 anywhere, that should grant that extra $7K to play around and hopefully I can recoup some back from the "ang bao" money, but I am not hopeful of much... more mulling to do

Last evening, there's a new Japanese dorama premiering in E City (SCV Channel 56) known as "Fugoh Keiji", starring the very subdued kawaii actress known as Fukuda Kyoko..
It is about Fukuda being the grand-daughter of a tycoon and influential figure in Japan becoming a polic detective and made used of her absurd amount of wealth to crack cases...
Sounds absurd...it's from the same guys that gave us the "Trick" series... But despite having such an interesting plot, I feel Fukuda and her supporting cast pales in comparison to the likes of Nakam Yukie and Hiromi Abe from "Trick"...
However Fukuda was well suitable for that gullible, simple-minded damsel born with a silver spoon in her mouth and her acting once again is null and all she could do is to attract testerone-filled male fans with her bright eyes and deep anterior cleavage she was endowed with... she is definitely no. 1 idol for guys in a soft porn flick..hubba hubba
Japanese word of the day: 呼ぶ~yo-bu~ (Invite) There are plenty of people I need to invite to my weddings...


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