Monday, February 13, 2006

Productivity = Zero

13th February 2006, Monday

On Saturday I was like a dragon unleashed from captivity for a long time as I spent quite a bit at La Tendo which coincides with their lareg stock at the end of the week.
As our Hindu friends had a great festivites with their annual traditional Thaipusam celebration which led to a large portion of the roads around Dohby Ghaut been barricaded to faciliate the procession, La Tendo also sees a increased amount of human traffic that has been gone missing for a while and sees their newly-installed membership subscription increased ten folds with more and more loyal customers came forward to recognise their friendly toy shop which had been more than capable to provide them with their hobby needs.
I hung around the place till 10 plus in the evening (as usual) and was surprisngly with the fact that that was the identical timing I left for home the evening before.

My lass who had a wild (hopefully not) time at karaoke box with 2 of his male colleagues (*eyebrows raised with doubts*) decided to dropby for the night despite she only came back at the wee hours of 1 am after her singing indulgence concluded half an hour before.
We couldn't chat too much into the morning as in a matter of hours I would need to head for my usual Sunday morning RT session.
A shortage in manpower sees the young PTIs (physical training instructors) bundle the whole group of us with other groups and just required to fulfill 2 rounds of jogging round the tracks of around 20 minutes each (despite the 2nd round lasted only about 15 minutes)

With my much-improved physique due to my frequent gym sessions, I was not even breaking a sweat despite sprinting for the last 4 minutes of the 2nd round but my urge to out-process is still shared with my RT mates.
We were duly released by 10 plus which by then my lass was still cuddling in her blankets, taking an opportunity of a good rest she is in dire needs especially the tranquility of my room which unlike hers which is facing the common corridor thus prones to usual commotion in the morning which usually disrupts her sleep.

The day was well-litted with various incidents that led to heated discussions or even arguements though not as detrimental as it would be...
First of all, yesterday was the 15th day of the Lunar New Year and my lass had a strict religious practise of only vegetarian diet ion 1st and 15th day of the month despite me cajoling her out of it as she would not be able to savor all the good food my mom had pain-stakingly prepared.
She did followed my mom's advice to serve her dues for half day, thus breaking it by noon...

Then there was the events bound to happen on the wedding day itself...
My mom looked up the lunar calendar which had indications of timings of different degree of auspiciousity and found out that on that day itself, only from 9 to 11 is ideal to do the usual "fetching-the-bride-back" ceremony.
With the lunch banquet lingering in the early afternoon, if a drag (with high possibility) in timing we could be done to matter of minutes to prepare for the banquet itself.
My lass is bitter and very much paranoid over the fact that we would miss a time for a photo shoot with the "brothers" and "sisters" which she has badly wanted to have.
As for myself I wouldn't want to worry about something that is still sometime away especially with plenty of other issues to delve on; but one viable option is to switch the banquet to the evening so as there would be ample time for everything but I am really reluctant to make that change especially with my mindset etched to the original plan.

Lastly my lass had not been too pleased for my procrastination on designing our furnitures espcially the wardrobe as we would have to talk to prospective contractors in a matter of weeks.
I duly obliged to her demand and came out with a rough sketch of the wardrobe but fatigue overwhelmed me and I took a nap before even started with the rest of the room-plan...

I had intended to update my hobby webpage which had been stagnant with new updates especially with an influx of new collections..but this Sunday seemed ideal for lazing around, watching Japanese dorama and variety programmes which both of us enjoyed and even took a rare stroll around the neighbourhood as she required some white "mahjong paper" for a presentation which I always thought my place had an adequate supply tp provide her a couple of pieces...
With the fact that it is close to 9 in the evening on a Sunday evening which many Chinese would actually get together for a final reunion dinner, we didn't expect to get her what she wanted, not even from convenience store, 7-11..but eventually we did got it and had a nice time chatting about our past, present and of course the future...

Unlike the outburst just 7 days before, I sent her back, fully satisified for a great day for just the 2 of us and knew that we might have such luxury in the near future if she was really to be sent for overseas stint at Italy but even not she would always be preoccupied on the weekends...

Anyway this Monday didn't started to badly even at this point especially with the prospect of not seeing JxMMy for 2 whole weeks surely is a great perk..and a nice Valentine celebration to look forward to tomorrow...

Japanese word of the day: 散歩~san-po~(Stroll) Wouldn't mind having a nice stroll once awhile together as long as there's nice breezy weather at all times and not round some huge park which led me to have blistered soles...


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