Monday, March 27, 2006

Luxurious Sanitary

27th March 2006, Monday

The dry spell we are experiencing here came to a grateful end as it was pouring in the morning which is why you couldn't fault for snuggling in under my blankie, trying to decieve myself that it is still Sunday...

Another wonderful weekend spent with my lass and more progress on our renovation project... This time round we managed to patronize the store at Chong Pang with a well-apt array of sanitary amenities such as shower heads, water heaters, sink/basin set, bathroom mirrors, toilet bowls etc.

We made the stop-over on Saturday evening which was a wise choice as Sunday is a rest day for them as originally my parents had thought of making the trip only on Sunday morning.
My lass was slightly late from work and after my fruitless trip to La Tendo when I also missed the Samsung collection center by mere minutes to redeem my portable hard disk, we rendenzvous at the store as she took a cab directly from work while Dad who borrowed a truck from work for the Qing Ming tomb sweeping session in the unearthly hours of Sunday, saved us a long walk from our place.

We were served by this out-spoken lady boss who ruled the shop with an iron fist with her henpecked hubby at her beck and call.
It seems an ordeal task to squirm our way through for a bargain though she did try to entertain us as much as she could.
After looking around, we basically fix on a nice light frosted white color embedded bowl sink comes complete with the tap, drainage system and whatever she claimed usually doesn't come included.
There is also the cool multi-purpose face mirror with elegant glass shelvings for us to hold any toiletries.
Both already accounted to close to $600 at this point.

Dad also offered to buy a new towel holder and we got those kind of foldable type which can reduce space if you need not use all four bars available.
We had intended to get a fixed overhead shower head which should endow us with real massaging capability at the luxury of our home; preferably comes with a smaller one which we could hold..And such a set doesn't sounds cheap...
Then came the crux of the question, are we using the right kind of water heater?
Obviously we would need to install a drum-type water heater to provide suffice amount of water to support the shower head, so we were stumbled before we could actually progress on choosing the one we wanted.
In the renovation plan, we had left it to the renovator to acquire the water heater unit and installation as well; but the lady boss enlighten us with the fact that the renovators, in order to maximise their profits would not choose a high end heater which is a truth we conceded.
Thus she suggested we buy one on our own with enough water spraying capability which had customers raving about.
So in the end her sales tactics work as we settled for a Joven heater with a golden chassis and a knob for easy switch on, comes complete with shower head, holder and even a soap dish.
Thus we could scrimp a bit off the reno price while not needing to purchase a seperate showe head.

Then I was pretty dumbfounded when come to paying for all the stuff we had put in our shopping list.
My wife and I had always been under the impression that Dad would be shouldering the entire cost of the renovation of the toilet including the mirror and the sink thus not planning any budget for the sanitary aspect of our renovation.
Apparently it didn't seems to work that way as we are supposed to foot that $600 for the sink and mirror which I wasn't too pleased about for such last minute injection of money we needed to pay which was not featured in my budget list.
Nevertheless both of us felt that my Dad has paid enough for our wedding thingie...Now just had to find means to channel some money for this sanitation luxury we had embarked on.

Back home Mom was quite taken aback by the high cost of the sink and lamented over the fact that I had to better take care of the nice amenities by curbing my poor sanitation practises (such as spilling of excessive talcum powder all over and spitting toothpaste on the mirror)
Meanwhile Sis who had just returned from the NATAS travel fair at Suntec came back gleeful with the prospect of seeing one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Pyramid of Egypt as they would hit Cairo and its desert charms for a graduation trip scheduled in May.

For the entire weekend, starting on Saturday evening my lass and myself had try to finish watching the New Year special from TBS, "Satomi no Hakkenden (里見八犬伝)", a legendary tale of 8 dog warriors coming to the aid of an ailing country cursed by a spider demoness.
It had a stellar cast including the likes of Takizawa Hideaki (man 2005 was a year of period dorama for him after "Yoshitsune"), Satou Ryouta (the frizzy-haired loser from "Pride"), Yamada Yuu (famous model I quite like) and Manabu Oshio (from LIV and acted in "Double") as some of the dog warriors.
Then there are the lasses like Nakama Yukie & Ayase Haruka, both as princesses from Satomi, Kanno Miho (alleged girlfriend of Goro from SMAP) as the evil Tamazuse as well as Tomosaka Rie (from the original Kindaicihi series with Dohmoto Tsuyoshi) as a love interest of one of the dog warriors.
Of course the line up of well-known method actors are impressive as well including Izumi Pinko (Oshin), Takeda Tetsuya (101 Proposal), Jinnai Takanori (Nemureru Mori, Hito ni Yashashiku) etc.
Beside the eye-candy cast, intriguing storyline & high-end CG effects, there are no shortage of beautiful backdrops taken from some of the most attractive nature spots in Japan which left both os us gaga.
Despite it took us a day plus to finish the 2 episodes, each around 2 hours long, in the end we were wholly entertained.

On Sunday, my lass went to meet up a couple of close friends she had enlisted as her "sisters" for the wedding while I spent time catching up with friends via the MSN messenger.
Actually chatted with my buddy in Osaka on Saturday evening as he once again probed about the escalating cost of getting a wedding done locally.
Then Cheryl who had seen the photos I had uploaded in the previous post had a chat about changing jobs once again...well hope you would sound much more positive the next time, especially with your Japan trip drawing nearer and nearer.

My parents went on rampant discarding of unwanted stuff in my household, in preparation for the major shift in May/June and managed to sell away my old Dell PC CPU and monitor to a recycling franchise called "Cash Converter" for $20, a really on VCR recorder for $1, but not Dad's old SLR camera which the staff candidly said it was too outdated...even some old newspaper proved much more worth at $4.20.
Later in the evening my sis who just dabbled into playing 4D, struck $40 for starters due to her all permutation stake is much lower than the prize kitty she should recieve it struck the exact numbers.
Mom too won the same amount but soon rue over the fact she just missed the 3rd prize by a number (the same old routine everytime)...

Well with the bad luck engulfing the household starting to show signs of receding, perhaps we would be having some good luck streak soon...
Japanese word of the day: 衛生(sanitary/hygiene) Well at least I lift the toilet seat while peeing...or do I?


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