Thursday, March 16, 2006

Taking the Oath

16th March 2006, Thursday

Back to work after a mid week hiatus and a mirror reflection of yesterday, I had problem waking up on time. My parents who both applied leave so as to go for a rampage shopping for suitable clothings for my ROM next Monday, did not wake up duly at the usual timing thus i was a bit off schedule when I crept out of bed half past six.
I did made it for the 7.15 am direct train to work, watching episode 16 of "Mushishi" along the way...

The morning before I was to meet my lass by 9.30am at Khatib MRT station, after chastising her for staying out into grave hours after her company's DnD the night before.
With her strong-headed character, she would want to prove me wrong by making it on time and little did we expect it was in fact me who overslept and only woke up by the persistent ringing of the phone when she called to ensure I am actual up and going.
I'm really bewildered with my continual desire to sleep a bit more each day..perhaps age is really catching up..then again old people need not sleep that much anyway.

So we made our way to the Registry which was located on the high grounds of Fort Canning Hill and would take some breath-gasping climbing if you are to scale the long flight of stairs along Penang Road.
However my informative wife-to-be realised that actually we could take a lift at Park Mall, exit through the car park at 4th storey, walk along the YWCA Lodge, and make for the direction of "The Legends". But even so it is still not stone throw away to our destination as we still have to conqeour a curvy footpath pass the Fort Canning Art Center before actually see the solidatory Registry building.
After seeing the place on local drama serials time and again, I still have little idea how to travel via the main entrance to this place where prospective couples bound matrimony by law with blessings from their close friends and relatives.
There are actually seperate processing counters for Muslims and Non-muslims which is an eye-opener for me.
The queue for the justification of documents and oath-taking was amazingly long as we had to wait for our turn after 30 other couple who all had been cramped in the confined waiting area and coerced to watch a video about maintaining a good and endearing marriage starring King Kong from "PCK Pte Ltd".
At the meanwhile we just took a peek here and there to spy on other anxious couples here on the same purpose as us and probably would be solemnized (not sodomized) in a week time.
Most fell between our age bracket though there was a babyface groom (not with regards to the famous R&B music producer) and a much venerable couple behind us most probably seeking a "second spring".
The entire waiting process was perhaps only 20 minutes when we were to follow through the usual procedures of authenticating our personal particulars we had submitted during online reservation as well as our actual identification documents though the photographs on our ID (especially that of my lass) in dire need of an update.
Then the slightly awkward oath-taking when we "sompar" with our right hand upwards and rambled through a wordy paragraphy of oath when my lass faced difficulties pronouncing words like "solemnly" and "impediment" and myself fumbling over "conscientiously".
Some final words of what to prepare and the number of well-wishers we are limited to that actual day and we were out of there...

Along the way we saw some couples making use ot the serenity of the scenic Fort Canning hill as a backdrop for some photo-shooting and both of us felt a fuzzy feeling in our belly (perhaps just starving) that we would actually be "man and wife" in a matter of days like those we had seen walking pass us...

Next stop would be Plaza Singapura just across the plain where we were to redeem the $100 Robinson vouchers as packaged with the Samsung LCD TV we had purchased on the IT show over the weekend.
There was a retailer called "Spotlight" which is a one stop center for home creative needs and they had a few nice curtains that really drew our attentions and we was enlightened by the fact that we still had some minor accessories like curtains and bed linens yet to acquire but those are perhaps at the least of priorities.

After tea with President Nathan at the Istana, we headed to Chengdu restaraunt at "Tua Tiong" to confirm the food tasting cum ROM dinner and was at first been requested to change date as there would be a banquet been held on that very evening.
Fortunately the boss intervened and ensured us we would be able to dine on that date requested.
He was also friendly enough to bring us to the suite provided in our banquet package which was simply not up to standards in terms of view from the window, amenities and the overall ambience...really as the name implied, much suitable for our budget tourists from the great mainland. Well since it was thrown in and doubt we would have a good rest that day, I supposed we could make do with that kind of quality.

Next on the agenda would be that zenith pink tie for my ROM ceremony.
I had the idea of spending well within $15 for one since I would have absolutely no use of that piece of garment after the entire wedding procession so was awe-struck by the price offered in the Robinson from renowned brand like Goldlion.
I had to get a pair, with one for my old man for the ceremony as well thus the prices were totally overshooting my budget threshold.
Just as I was to admit failure for acquiring one and as recommended by a friend of my lass who is experienced to scalp for cheap ties, we nearly headed to the obscure Lucky Plaza before decided to go across to Robinson's less clamourous cousin, John Little.
Over there I did managed to find the ties. Despite restricted with a small selection of desig, at least it is within my budget.

After a short visit to Kinokunya at Ngee Ann City where my lass went ballistic with some DVD purchasing (2 Harry Potter titles and Studio Ghibli's "Howl's Moving Castle") making full use of the 20% storewide members-exclusive discount while I was very tempted to indulge in some interesting trade paperback graphic novel titles, we decided to call it a day, knowing how exhausted and drowsy she was.

Back in the comfort of my place, she needn't a second nudge before fell sound asleep, even forgoing her usual side line meeting at Tanjong Pagar.
However that was a good choice as the contractor relative of ours supposed to renovate the 2 toilets/bathrooms arrived and slugged along full pieces of tile samples for us to select, but despite the entire effort to carry that much load, none is anywhere close to the "blue ocean" theme I was hoping for.
Therefore a trip down to his showroom was proposed as it would offer us greater degree of selection.

Another fruitful day when everything needed to be done is accomplished and we ended with us watching the original "Gokusen" dorama series and me at the brink of slumbering before my lass hushed me to bring her back...

Got in contact with Jerry this morning as the final member of my "band of wedding brothers" and was well prepared for his usual interest in whether are there any "chio bu" in the bride's side and even went to us who is the bride....
Well since we haven't seen each other for a year or so, I forgive his ignorance though he should have known me better for not able to hook up with any other girls beside my lass of course.

Japanese word of the day: 宣誓(Oath) Really wonder how Ah Beng/Ah Lian couples managed to take that wordy oath with parts even I had difficulties understanding.


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