Monday, June 22, 2009

Wow, seems like it had been a great weekend...

22nd June 2009, Monday

When I was bitchin' to the missus as she was in the midst of some "mahjong tiles-memory matching game" on her Facebook that I dreaded Monday while myself in the midst of a late surge of Japanese dorama marathon of recent episodes of "Shiroi Haru
白い春" (Trying to hold back the tears when Abe Hiroshi had to lie about dislike his own daughter), "Mr Brain" (equally piqued over the fact they left a major cliffhanger and we had to wait another week to find out who is the murderer) and catching up on "Tenchijin 天地人" (More Abe Hiroshi is good for health).
I should really had no qualms about the past 72 hours which had been grooving out fine as a seemingly perfect weekend.

As scheduled, I applied for leave on Friday to the incense of the missus as she dreaded seeing me in bed still while she had to drag herself to work.

Rented a couple of Frat Pack-associated movies "Semi Pro" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" which I hope can become a staple of entertainment on weekly basis now, kicked off my day on Friday morning as the rest of the day was cascaded with Football Manager and Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 but hit a glitch when CS called and announced his no-show for the gaming that evening with a machinery issue that would keep him at work till the wee hours.
It surely took the gloss from what looking to be a great night with Foo hoping on the bandwagon as I hailed the cab after my hair-cut and picked him up along the way en route to TW's place at Telok Kurau.

The ribbing was still present but the usual angst antics of CS would had been even better but little did we expected to complete the full leagu till 5 in the morning.

Foo, visibly fatigued the day's work and then the long hours staring at the LCD TV while his thumbs numb from handling the PS3 controllers, collapsed on the parquet floor and totally knocked out.
TW soon to follow as he was decimated by the snooze monster. I caught myself some sleep on his workstation chair before the first ray of light came about and I hustled Foo to make our way home.

Tried to sleep after the missus had already got her day going as she went to meet a friend at 8 plus, but some persistent drilling kept me awake till around 2 in the afternoon when I actually felt into slumber but merely for a couple of hours.

The lads had planned a dinner for some nostalgia reminiscence but many of those joints we had hit back in those days had either closed down or being replaced by new upstarts.
After much pondering, we decided to meet at Thomson Plaza, the place itself was a relic of my youth.

Just as I was preparing to make my way for my bus ride to Thomson Road, the sky opened up as cruel raindrops pelted mercilessly, so vehemently that there was no visibility at all at the peak of the torrential raining.
It certainly delayed my schedule and things weren't help by the wretched wait for the bus which seemed to be the longest wait among the cluster of bus service for that bus stop.

That was surely a classic wretched way to start the night.

The dinner was attended by CS' lass, LL and eventually joined by my missus, returning from a trip to Johor Bahru.

We dined at this family-style restaurant cum dessert shop, Miss Clarity along Thomson Road and before you knew it, our "aura" came into effect as diners started to made a frantic beeline out of the place and by 9 pm the restaurant was empty with the exception of us doing our usual antics and throwing our usual corny jokes.
Seemingly LL had a great laugh over the course of the dinner that her facial muscles were in spasms by the end of it.
It was truly gratifying to see our other halves getting well aquainted with us and one another as our friendships are always going to be endearing and surely beyond our usual game sessions or what-nots.
The biggest running gag between us on that soggy Saturday evening would be CS not being pleased with the words I had projected him to be in front of his girlfriend and was determined to had me assasinated.
Of course we did caught up of people from the past especially their old Secondary School friends, scarily most I had came to know as well.

The best thing that could happen on a lazy Sunday afternoon would be profuse raining, setting a gloomy yet cooling atmosphere and you have snacks and endless entertainment on the TV or PC and you just laze your day away.
That's what I did and for the missus catching up some lost sleeping time over the week.

Durians are cheap and in abundance of late and we got to savour the "yellow sin" in large satisfying quantity over the weekend to our heaty delight.

So a fabulous weekend of sleep, games, movies, doramas, great company of friends and durain, doesn't get as good as this...

Japanese word of the day:完璧 ~kan-pe-ki~ (Perfect) Of course the ultimate fantasy is 4 of us engaging in a PES marathon with the usual squabbling while our other halves feeding us durains...

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