Monday, January 23, 2006

She's Always Busy...

23rd January 2005, Monday

Seriously it frightens me that time is not a luxury for the start of 2006...
The Lunar New Year is days away and I am definitely contemplating with the idea of leaving my room untouched at the state as it is for now.

After the New Year, my RT session would begin and this time round I would need to change my schedule twice, once in February and once in March.
Our Japanese friends would be hitting town for a short (makes that miserably transient) 3 days 2 nights visit to Singapore as mentioned before.
Then perhaps a RT date on the 14th of Feb has to be brought forward because of Valentine's of course, speaking of that I am clueless of where to celebrate this year and had no plan or budget for meaningless flowers (stopped giving since last year with my lass' approval) and gifts..thinking of getting her a sports shoe of her choice.

YM would be leaving after the New Year too, and not sure how would they plan to honor her departures.

And all the renovations thing in my mind as well...it would be a very busy February indeed.

Ok so over the weekend, I spent it with a bit of satisfaction.
I managed to finish watching all the stuff I had downloaded including latest episodes of "Lost" and "Saiyuki" and Japanese variety programmes like "SMAPXSMAP" and "Music Station".
Then we have anime series like "Bleach", "Shakugan no Shana" and one of my fave now, "Fate Stay Night"...seriously who need regular TV when you have these at your disposal.
Of course all those are interwined with more Football Manager 2006 (with my Barc grabbing an unprecedented treble and my alter ego becoming the top Euro scorer with 28 goals in the league with minimal cheating of course) and updating of my webpage.

All these was accomplished with as little sleep as I could force myself to and completely no meet-up with my lass...

Actually I knew how her schedule was for this week with her working night shift on Saturday and her neverending seminars for her sidelines on Sunday, I wasn't expecting to see her till she gave me a buzz just before she went for the seminar yesterday afternoon saying that her evening is very much free and since I had some New Year goodies as gifts for her family as it is an annual tradition, I thought I could see her a while after dinner..But NO....
She had to go over to her godmom's place, which is very much for her sideline as well...
It can be quite fustrating to have her always on the run and seriously doubt making an obscene amount of money while doing so, in fact wonder if she is in deficit herself for purchasing all that products and not have much sales at all...
But then she would give that same old reason that it was for the good of the future...yada yada yada....the same old shit again

Actually I was not that affected till she called and enquired if I was angry for her last minute appointments...
I think I am a bit unaffected by it but seeing how many couples I had known like Vincent and Miyano, Eng Kiong and his wife etc. would actually spend time to watch some shows together, I sometime feel I had a yearning for that as well....
Then again I am one who need plenty of personal time, so I wasn't really blowing my top over her inavailability...
Well with this evening going for her usual Monday cult clandestine and tomorrow chasing over Nick "The Assman" Carter and his Backside Boys gang, I won't be seeing her till the Lunar New Year ...

Anyway on Saturday at La Tendo, an appearance of Charles who was an old acquitancefrom the Clarke Quay days we did not want to reaquitted.
This guy, whom Vincent would more affectionately known as "Cha" (Hokkien for Noisy) loves to call Vincent because he is perhaps the only sucker who would bother entertaining him.
A fellow toys fetish but I wouldn't consider a hard core otaku because he definitely lack that "otaku-finesse" in him...
Basically he is your average loser who sometimes seek attention.
His reappearance (first visit to La Tendo since they opened 2 years back) brought some agony from Miyano who was here when he came and simply hated his guts.
Vincent was to pre-occupied to talk to him with the fact that he had to lambast a locksmith who came to fix a roller barricade lock for their store but claimed he knew nuts about fixing when he had arrived and yet Vincent paid him $20 just for coming down and get on his nerves..SUCKER!
So "Cha" basically bugged Tay-chan with some of his enquiries (made that an abundance) and picked quite a few items on his purchasing list which definitely raised my eyebrows on whether he could foot the bill....
He is afterall the same guy that bought an item back in Clarke Quay from us think around $50 and took a good 2-3 months to pay everything backl in instalments; while in the midst of repaying he had the money to patronise other shops.
So I hit the jackpot with my doubt when he said he would return after New Year to come pick up the tab...but the big question is New Year of which year?

With people like that, it sure makes the world a better place to live in.
Japanese word of the day: 人形~nin-jin~(Doll) perhaps I should seek the advice of the La Tendo people to get a blown up doll (which Char would definitely be using) 'cos my girl is always unavailable to keep me company.


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