Monday, February 20, 2006

Confirmed Italian Job, Feminine Contractor, Passed 2.4 & Poor Signature

20th February 2006, Monday

Once more a manic Monday with work liniung up from the moment ot start to 12, as I tried to expedite everything through to hit the gym as usual.
I can't even do my usual "breather net-surfing" and today's an important day for the galor of Wonder Festival reports to be flooded in from the hordes of Japanese "otakus".
While changing up in the gym, my lass broke the news that it has been confirmed that she would be sent to Italy for her company enrichment scheme to endowed her with knowledge of the new technologies.
As she promised that she would reject if the stint is more than 3 months and her wish came true as it would be an one-time 3 months affair based in northern Italy (somewhere near Turin where the Winter Olympics is hosted now).
So I had to brace myself for 3 months without her for close proximity starting April/May but more crucially would be the fact that we had to get things for our wedding very much settled before her date of depature.

With that in view, we had moved forward a major step when one of the shortlisted furniture contractor came by yesterday afternoon for a preliminary discussion.
Introduced by a relative of mine (brother of my mom's sister-in-law who is a renovation contractor himself specialized in tilings, walls and general facade and most probably will handle the reno for our 2 toilets), this husband & wife pair came with kindled enthusiasim and professional to every request been put through.
It started with the shoe cabinet and my toys collection display shelf in the living room area and when I just initiated my plan for him, he got an instant response and sketched it down on the paper to my satisfaction at that point. It is always easier to communicate with someone who can recieve ideas clearly and I guessed he got that through years of experience in contracting.
Then the master bedroom where the pair gave us a lot of ideas to conserve space yet produce something stylish and comfortable.
By then I realised that the wife seemed to be more strong-headed and took much of the brunt of comments and enquiries while the gentle husband was more reverted to a reserve mode, giving technical aspects of the design etc. and he is a wee bit feminine for the contractor world (a.k.a Phua Chu Kang).
At the end of the session we were shown the type of wood finishing we had intended for the furnitures and it seems like Zen style dark walnit has became too common for our liking and a type known as "zebrawood" which basically has alternating dark stripes but yet look elegant. We had our eyes on a new variant to the "zebra" series but still had to look at an entire piece for better idea how it would be like as furnitures.
They promised to give us the quotations as soon as they could and we were keeping our fingers crossed that it would be well within the budget for all the furniture so that we need not go through the hassle to talking to other shortlisted contractors.
Later in the afternoon, we dropped by at our neighborhood electronic appliances retailers to scout on LCD TVs and DVD recorders which we are interested in to put in the room..therefore things are looking pretty rosy in terms of the renovation aspect of the wedding.

My Saturday started with me hitting the nearby bank outlet to get a new ATM card which had been chipped at the sensor area (hey if you had a fat ass with a total inertia & mass of 90kg sitting down on you day in day out, you will be well brittled over time).
This particular bank opened at 10.30am and the beeline was formed much like a truncated version one for the Wonder Festival and I was not too keen to waste time lining up.
However the queue was been served rather instataneously and I thought of renewing the bank account book with the usual practise of signing on to the authentication region.
I had not been too good with autographs and been usual the dubious one for like years now and it looks different every single time.
It was no wonder the bank staff had to verify with me once more...which might be a recurring thing in the future if I still could not standardize my signature.
Talking about bank and signature, "Catch me if You Can" was shown on Channel 5 last evening and it was a brilliant show with endearing storyline and wonderful acting from Leo Cuppucino as the suave doppelganger who despite his tender age was splendid in assuming many professional role to loot as much money as he could and of course Tom Hanks as the stoic FBI agent who was high on the fact on chasing him down for years. Something only Spielberg is capable to produce and splendid supporting cast as well including Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen and Jennifer Gardner as a hooker...
My lass who had been chastising me for years for not bringing her to watch this film on cinema (when I would say to wait for DVD release and when it was released, I said wait for local TV screening which cam true) slept soundly in my room all the time the show was screened...

In the afternoon, I tried my best to be at La Tendo as early as possible but even at 1 plus, the store owner, Matthew was stuck in traffic.
It was fun helping out in a Saturday afternoon when you got really busy with the vigourous flow of human traffic and a wide variety of customers buying all sorts of stuff...
In appreciation to our help, Matthew wanted to treat me, Karen and Ferris (basically the remaining La Tendo clique who have to stay in Singapore) for dinner.
I wanted to be on Wednesday since I would most probably go over for a first hand look at the haul they had from the trip especially what was in stall for me.
However due to some rhymes and reason, the rest felt Monday would be more ideal for the treat (most probably hawler food anyway), so later on I had to go all the way down to town area for some nice chicken rice with my friends...which I should not be so sour over, as they could be the only source of company served on the platter when my lass went for her Italian job...

Last but not least, I was surprised yesterday morning when I made it for usual Sunday RT, to find out that our Phase 1 actually did encompassed the Chinese New Year period therefore yesterday session was the last Sunday for Phase 1 and it would officially end by Tuesday..hooray..but no hooray, meaning I got to earn $18 less from SAF...
So we were ushered for IPPT and seriously the chance of anyone passing from the weight loss group is as much as our local soccer team making into the World Cup, so many just went through in motion and as expected I failed to clear the "killers" from static stations, Standing Broad Jump and chin-up.
Nonetheless I wanna guage myself how well I would fare in 2.4 km run and not surprisingly after religious gym sessions, I managed to nail it within 12 minutes though there is room for better result...now just hope they don't send me to other groups in Phase 2 for my passing of 2.4...
Japanese word of the day: 署名 (Signature) My signature was supposed to be written as "kakoi", go figure that out...


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