Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Something to Cheer About

28th March 2006, Tuesday

A few issues to find solace about this overcast Tuesday afternoon at work...
First of all, I had not to worry about knocking off early for a RT session in the evening as mine has come to a completion last week; which sanction me to hit the gym on Tuesday...
Now high on endorphin after a satisfying run and feeling my homeostasis in tune to keep me warm enough to survive the chilly lab, I actually had some housekeeping chores to keep me occupy for like the earlier part of the latter half of the day.
I am back to talking terms with Bobby; not that we had a tussle or something but last week was really an unknown silence kept among us.
Even JxMMy doesn't look as detestful today...that's truthful from me....


As mentioned before with the General Election looming, our Prime Minister who is also the Finance Minister had promised to share the government financial surplus to every Singapore citizen, known as the Progress Package which can be redeemed in a few days time with the money been actually deposited in our bank accounts on the 1st of May.
I know whistle-blowers would scrutinise such an act as a way to win favours from the people to vote for them in the elections, but I definitely appreciate our political scene here, at least it is not as much as in a turmoil as experienced in Philippines and Thailand recently.
The letters of notification was duly delivered to our household with the exception of Dad.
I had been expecting a sum of $500 which should be able to help me tide through some financial ramifications but in the end I was actually awarded $700..woohoo... but as mentioned before the money had already been spent on my iPod...heehee
Well at least the entire cost of the gadget has been covered without the need to seek for top-up from elsewhere.
My mom received up to 1.8K of package from which only around 1.2K is redeemable but to her it felt like "god send" or "lottery struck".
As for my sister, it sure is a great injection of funds for her Egyptian escapade...
Left my old man, bemoaning his late delivery of notification letter...well with days to go before the actual redeem can be processed, I'm sure it would arrive sooner or later.

The whole government bonus thingie reminded me to lock into my IRA income tax submission for the annual tax filing...
Last previous year I am using the fact that Dad is not recieving/submitting a consistent CPF contributuion over the past year, thus allow me to claim for his unemployment status.
That was enough to decimate my income tax payable to almost nothing last year which i am hoping will be replicated despite the fact that his annoying boss actually did submit CPF for him since December last year, much to his rebuttal since it does not serve any purpose now that he need not apply new flat or anything.

While chatting about this Progress Package with Bobby just a while back, he mentioned he is recieving $900. The difference between us would be the fact that he is currently residing in a 3-room flat, which very much explains why he is so resolved to earn a lot of money as his family might not be so financially-endowed.

Iwate Allegiance

Got e-mails from both Eriko & Souu (correct spelling) to inform us that they had arrived safe and sound back to Iwate and was filled with gratittude for making their virgin trip to Singapore so fun and enriching.
They are already itching over the fact to reciprocate the favor when we go back to Iwate, most probably autumn of 2007.
It is always good to establish such strong friendship especially with Japanese and let's hope they have lobangs for Hokkaido.

Much-awaited Figurines

Was well-heartened from a SMS from Tay-chan regarding a set of trading figurines I had badly wanted as their original stock from a local distributor had been cut, but the Japanese side has confirmed sending a carton of so by today, meaning it would arrive this weekend...
This set is actually Part 3 of a series of characters based on a action RPG game known as "Shin Megami Tensei".
I already had the 1st 2 parts within my collections and Part 3 which was released 3 months back seemed to be the best of the lot and Part 4 is actually been scheduled for July release, meaning it would be blasphemous not to get this joining part...
After the fact that their stock was not coming had been acknowledged, I sought their help to get it during their Wonder Festival tour in February but was utterly disappointed when they got everything else on my wishlist except the number 1 item.
Desperate times called for desperate measures... I sought the only shop selling this but by then their stocks had much dwindled and left a few loose pieces...
I enlisted the help of my buddy in Osaka but to no avail for a while...
I even tried resorting to buy off from online auctions from Taiwan and Hong Kong this morning which would always be a risk as well as inflated price (due to postage) till Tay-chan brought in this piece of good news....

Therefore it would be a weekend to be well look forward to as without financial burden for the first time in ages, I would be be free to splurge (though everything still within my listed budget) on more figurines (which I am now adamant to address my collection rather than merely toys) as I envisioned an entire list of wanted items should be on their way with recent releases.
Then I could indulge in more Japanese dorama watching with my wife, with "Stand up!" this time round on the platter in which I had caught glimpses on "YouTube" which can be entertaining despite been really cheesy.
I might even get back some money which was overdued to be return as well...so Saturday please come in fast and furious...

Japanese word of the day: 陽気~you-ki~ (Cheerful) Let me just indulge in this cheerful moment...


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