Sunday, April 16, 2006

Alone again, Naturally...

15th April 2006, Saturday

Never visualise myself as a sentimental animal, but the truth is that I am...
This very day marks the day my lass who now I am certain is quintessential to my everyday living flying off to her 3 months Italian stint.. quite a fracas at Changi Airport Terminal One..more on that later...

Today also sees the expedited end to the renovation project for the 2 toilets and despite it sure was better to drag till Monday, and the overall tiling was done to exact precision, my family wasn't too please with the wasy the new door opens for the common toilet.
However we had no qualms about the color we had encouraged to choose which is of light blue tint which is soothing to the eyes.
The cable for the cable TV was well laid as well and we highly endorsed the same cable guy cum electrician to fix the multi-mode lighting we got for our master bedroom and he and his Indian sidekick got it fixed without even breaking a sweat, with time to savour a banana Mom offered them.

The Good Friday was spent majority at Z Weddiing D'sign where my lass wanted to try the few outfits she would select for our album shoot.
She actually got the date wrong as it should be today for our appointment, however the staff was prepared for us to jump our guns as they dished out the selections after a significant of waiting for the lady in charge, Susan to be free to entertain us.
We also met our original coordinator, Kate there cajoling a gold mine aka a bride-to-be from Indonesia to sign up a package with them and through her persuasion we sense the seasoned quality in this wedding coordinator which definitely holds an edge over the novices in this market.

A full day of itinery began for us this morning as we headed forthe pharmacy at the nearby polyclinic where my lass stocked up on glucosamine for her weak knees and boy it doesn't come cheap with a bottle of 60 selling at close $40, so with 3 months of a pill daily demands at least 2 bottles, she had spent $80 just on that to top off the other health supplements and vitamins she had to consume daily, when has my love became such a pills-freak?

We then took a cab down to Bukit Merah where we paid regards to her late grandpa with the crawling traffic on CTE nearly caused us to be late for the gathering with her brood at the monastery. Once there and made our presence known to grandma, we said our word of blessing to the deceased by notifying our marriage and I sincerely hope he would look over in the heavens for her well-being once she is at far away lands...
As usual the attention was showered to the baby Ashley and boy she has grown quite a lot since we last seen her during the Lunar New Year period.

We then board bus 16 down to Suntec City for our lunch appointment with my Japanese clique and I wasn't surprised to have on Cheryl on time.
It was an outing that had a nice roll call including the first meeting with Howe whom we had not seen in ages and looks really well and ready to face the brunt of the working society but still possess those straight-up candid nature that makes him stand out among us despite being the youngest amongst us.
Then there was the big news that sort of left me shell-shock as Selina revealed she had been suffering from nervous breakdown months ago and now on the route to recovery and because of that due to some religious sources felt that this year was not very suited for her to tie the knot with her beau, so they had to postone till next year the earliest.
However the cause of her psycological unwell was constituted to a period of constant stress from work which catapulted to a state of fraility and she just snapped one day which bewildered everyone near her and it was kept it well under the dark from some peripheral friends like us and the last time we seen her she was facing the full effect of the illness which left her with dwindling appetite and many sleepless night.
Which is why she was decimated to a skeletal frame this time we seen her but she seems to be jolly once more and ready to put away the demons that had terrorized her behind for now.
Her therapy would include many overseas vacation which this seasoned globetrotter has always filled her yearly calendars with.
This year she has planned for a free & easy Japan escapade and seek advises from the likes of me and Foo which basically takes much of the conversation during the meal before we decided to call it a day as time was running out for us to get back home for my lass to do a last minute packing.
That didn't deter her to scout on a Zen-style legless chair she aimed for her workstation in our room in the future.

After getting her stuff from my place, she bidded my family farewell as it would be 90 days or so later when they would meet again.
Back at her place, time was a luxury she doesn't possess as she transferred some items from a carrier bag to the haversack she borrowed from my sister.
However she overlooked some secret compartments of the original bag where her staff pass and thumb drive resides which she only realized when she was been briefed with her colleagues joining her for the stint.
Frantically my future mother-in-laws tried to locate her husband who was apparently indulged in the company of his mistress and refused to respond (claims stated by my lass' mother).
We contemplated of taking a cab back and forth to retrieve that important document before she managed to contact with her brother who had personal transport and was willing to make the faithful trip to deliver the items for her.
All these while, I had to juggle with my mother-in-laws' nagging about my lass' carelessness as well as her husband's obvious aloofness as well as my lass' paranoia which she suspected that she had secure her check-in luggage and the staff might rummage through her poessessions, and I tried my best to keep her positive before her flight.
As time passed, inching close to her check in time, she was reluctant to make an early entrance and started clinging on to me...
It didn't get to me at first but as she proceeded into the check in counter and bidded us goodbye with embraces, I was overwhelmed with a sense of unwillingness as my throat stiffens and my eyes started welling...Moments before at her place while she was showering, I looked through the photos, souveniors and other ornaments on her table which rekindled memories we shared for the past 6 years and not once we had been seperated from each other for so long...
I of course would be worry-stricken about her well being thousand of miles away and felt her absence is a hard pill to swallow.
As I led my mother in laws to the taxi stand, I could feel I was about to break down yet holding on in front of her as well as the taxi driver the entire journey...
It was only mere hours and I am already missing perhaps the person I treasured dearly...perhaps inaugural in my life, I really feel what love for someone truly felt...
Counting down the days we meet again and faithfully hope she would be ok in the strange land..
Japanese word of the day: 感情~kan-jou~(Emotions) Haven't been so overwhelmed with emotions for such long time now...surely need time to adjust my life without her for a while.


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