Monday, April 24, 2006


24th April 2006, Monday

A wonderful Monday afternoon's tranquility and peace was thoroughly shattered by the appearance of JxMMy D and his selection of 1980s "Xin Yao (新摇)" songs which made my muscles twitched as if suffering from epilepsy after prolong exposure of listening to those awful tracks...
The day started so well with him on leave in the morning... My "black eye-masked" colleague definitely and certainly would be the catalyst of me leaving this place....

The weekend has been a madhouse shifting of rooms between me and my parents as we tried to accomodate for the furnishing to be done mid this week.
The entire process of moving things in and out including 2 huge wardrobes as well as painting was shrouded with a despotic behavior only my old man can be proud to show.
He is no doubt a great talent in terms of his handimanship and without him, we would need to seek professional help which involves truckload of money with comparatively inferior job from what my dad could conjured.
However what was uncalled for would be his "artisan-prima-donna" tantrums he would threw when he hurled mincing words that was not even bearable for a bystander like myself.
I had grew up witnessing his temperament and was adamant a leopard would never change its spots, but I just could not justify why he had to berate at Mom when she has to be at his beck & call while packing most of the stuff around the house.
He could had summon for me and sis who aren't idling around with some packing of our stuff, but it is very certain he just loves to piqued like a spoiled brat in front of Mom and she was magnimous enough to cower and tolerate so that the entire process can be done in a whiff...
And it did by evening on Sunday when both the master bedroom and my old room was nicely painted and the lavendar mist shade we had chosen for the master bedroom seems like a purplish brown shade which made the room even darker when the main ceiling light was very much shaded with the cover.

We reused a old tabletop lamp I got ages back from Ikea , shorten the movable neck and a more energy-saving white bulb from Philips and I got the lighting I need for my photo-shooting for my figurines.
Nonetheless I am getting used to a bigger room which size would be cut down with the impending installation of the wardrobe and other pieces of furniture.
The king size bed frame would have to wait as superstitious sayings felt that the newly-weds' bed should be off limits till the off limits, meaning I would have to draw any space left after the bed arrives to lay a teenie mattress to sleep on, which is an idea I don't fancy at all.
Somehow the air conditioning unit in the master bedroom is performing so much better than my old room. Situated like on my left now when I am on my PC, when tuned at 24 degrees celsius I could feel myself shivering and eventually a running nose came along....which is so contrasting with my old unit when 24 means I better prepare to perspire...
Then again the master bedroom shared the same motor system with my sister's room just beside it, so if both units operating at the same time, perhaps it would not be as strong as I had experienced last night...

I did not had problem sleeping on my same old bed despite the different positioning of the bed and the actual space it was occupying as I struggled to wake up as of any Monday morning...

Fortunately I completed the full application cover letter and the resume which BY hounded me with SMS on Friday to make it attractive and eye-catching enough to sell myself as she seems to be rooting hard that I would join her there.
With the e-mail sent to her supervisor on Sunday, I came to work with mix feeling this morning much like Michael Ballack of Bayern Munich with future uncertain as who would be the employer in matter of weeks.
In such speedy fashion I received the call from the French lady in charge of BY's department and mentioned that she could not read the file I had sent her...doh!
It was because I tried to print the word document as pdf distiller but I did not have that in my Windows which was why I printed it as Microsoft Imaging file format or something which I thought all Word processor could read... Obviously I was wrong.
Fortunately my sis enjoying her days at home after her final semester assesment sent the documents to me via e-mail, so that I could follow up her request despite stating that I would do it later in the evening as she seems rather urgent about the whole thing.

I'm caught in a dilemma at the moment as I am not totally hating my current job and my boss is top draw as many could verified except the 3 witches who had crossed her path.
But the lack of caramederie among colleagues and the dwindling morale of the entire company sure makes the rival institute a much better place to work in.
Of course there are some other perks like free beverages and better supplement package ($500 as compared to the $300 per annum I am fetching here)...
Which was why I mentioned in the first paragraph, the only potent trigger to send me over with be JxMMy...
Although we had established some chemistry in terms of work into our 4th years as colleagues working side by side, I still hated his guts thoroughly..I don't know why but the detest towards him is just there...Then again he had so many gimmicks to pull over his "domain" which is our workplace and my supervisor who simply adores him and kisses the very bowl he shits in gives him full autonomy to rule the land, the only way was to follow the rest and leave... not that I would really miss Bobby and the rest as well...we'll see and let destiny decides...

Japanese word of the day: 部屋~he-ya~(Room) No matter what room I am staying in, "Sin Yao" is definitely not the music genre to be played


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