Friday, October 21, 2005


21st October 2005, Friday

Don't you just wish that you have that innate ability within you so that you could read the minds at your own will of others from time to time?

I had just finished the 6th volume of the ultra Shounen jump manga series, "Death Note" which delves into the mysterious being of modern time grim reapers or death gods which accidentally left their killing tools in the human world and see how destiny paved its way when unscruplous human beings got hold of this "death note (notebook)" which could bring about a catastrophe as that person would random kill people he deemed correct for himself.

But the essence of the story really lies in the mind games between the super detective, "L" and the lead character at the 1st few issues of the story before the latter let free of his death note as part of his plot to murder "L". Some corporate guy was endowed the note and began killing at free will to the advantage of his organisation. Then alot of story involves the ultra-intelligent lead (who had transiently lost his memories of his ability) and "L" uncovering the culprit's identity and playing mind games with those whom they thought would help them along the way.

There were alot of guessing of what the other person in thinking especially between the lead character and "L" that makes this story so extraordinary. A highly-intelligent manga series which at times I felt can out off some casual readers who would just a light-hearted read.
And I took a good 2 weeks to slowly absorb the content of this volume 6 which can tell how wordy the series can be...

I'm pretty sure people would read me like a book easily. I am as usual a very shelfish person and alot of things I do always lead to me reaping some rewards at the end. "Always gain and never lose" has always been a motto of mine. However if I am to adopt that mentality too ferverntly it would tend to deter others from me.

For a while now I am wishing I had the ability to read the minds of some people around me, so as I would not be perplexed by some of their actions.

One of them is Chan. He had been working really hard with "overtime" work on Saturdays which was why I only see him like once since I came back from Japan.
He had also been selling a lot of his toy collections and heard been involved in some kind of e-commerce stuff with his friends.
It makes me wonder whether is he in some financial predicaments, perhaps he is trying to get a new apartment that would cater to his and his family's needs.
When I asked him on MSN last evening, he just simply mentioned that he is clearing his stuffs 'cos he is running out of space, a valid and cruel reason known to all toys collectors.
Well as mentioned before he can be a bewildering person to predict (he makes Foo so much more like a normal human being), so the best is to leave him as he is.

It took me a good 2 years and a half to clearly understand the big myth known as JxMMy D and how passionate he can be when dealing with his job which is why he is always doing things that he did.

But now I had a new engima in the being known as Bobby....

He has been working with much zeal but no zest... He is eager to learn as much as he could such as the intricate details of the machine and software functions as well as the analysis of the results we produce... He has that enthusiasim to pick up the way of the trades from the grand master of all, Mr JxMMy D who is always eager to impart his skills (this guy has no reservation when spreading his knowledge which clearly indicates his nature of not afraid to be displaced from his pole position).
However from Bobby's aloof expression at times, I sensed that lack of passion shared with his mentor as he is very much like learning every by the motion, like he is forced to arm himself with the knowledge that might or might not come to aid in his future career ahead.

Personally, I am more into routine work, and stick to the rules and not as keen to learn beyond my scope. During my free time after I had done with my work, I would basically indulge in the various interests of mine via the PC or internet. Of course the pair of JxMMy & Bobby shed a very bad light on me who seems like slacking in front of neutral preposition. I have thought of follow suit but just can't be a wee bit interested. Shame on me but luckily if the pair is a scheming dup, I would be ousted from the lab in no time.

Perhaps I think too much but I couldn't help to shudder at the thought, no when I have yet find a much greener pastures. That is why I do hope I could read the mind of Bobby, whether he is thinking of getting out when his current contract runs out (as he had find our work too routine for him ) or is he a wolf in sheep's clothing....

Japanese word of the day: 思想~shi-sou~ (Thoughts) And they said its hard to understand women...


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