Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Should I Go or Should I Stay

26th April 2006, Wednesday

In a stealth "GGSS(鬼鬼祟祟)" mode, I sneaked up to the 6th level of my institute,cross the skybridge, lightfooted waltzed across the still-precariously dangerous passage-way and rendenzvous BY over at her work place.
Her French supervisor had been high on the idea to talk to me early yesterday morning despite the fact that I am still in the middle of my office hours.

The 20 minutes face-to-face chat (rather than a formal interview) had been more of how I am selling myself as an individual suitable for their "production" style jobscope while she is selling the appeal of their routine work. It was highlighted that they are in chronic state of needing manpower urgently as projects are piling up till the end of the year, which is why they would need my answer on whether I am interested.

Once more I am in douldrum as unlike BY, I did not had a bad taste in my mouth with my current job at this very instance. Of course it is true the morale and overall benefit package pales in comparison with this greener pasture (literally since the building had a predominant green facade) but my current supervisor has been a top class to me since the day I stepped into this lab back in September 2002.

BY had stressed one time too many that she is rather "fake" when come to deal with certain issues which I don't deny as well but she had been my benefactor in more time than once over the past 4 years and it was with utmost pleasure working for her despite her strong allegiance to JxMMy...
I had wanted to consult her whether I should make the move but BY staunchly snubbed that idea as she felt I should hold my stand on whether to go or to stay and not been swayed by some honey-coated persuasion or even monetary carrot on the stick (meaning raise in pay).

The dilemma is definitely a burden for a happy-go-lucky guy like myself and I need some confidantes to drop me some aptly supports.
My lass duely called from Italy which was on public holiday yesterday for their own version of Independance day called and is supportive of the idea for a move as she felt I should garner all sorts of working experiences at my prime.
My mom, being more realistic, looks at which side can offer me more benefits and then share the sentiments as my lass about seeking new opportunites when I am still at the right age...
BY SMSed later on the evening once more overzealous to entice me over by listing out the amenities they had over there and how good the personnel I would be working day in day out with.
All I could reply is I am only 75% sure I would want to make the move and need to ponder some more before finding the last 25%...

I endured these 2 days of uncertainties with half day off from work each.
Yesterday was a last-minute urgent one as the furnishing contractor came and there were some problem with accomodating my workstation table with the collection of electrical points there and they would need to shift the whole thing while I also had to confirm the position I would want them to secure my table lamp.
So I came back home at around 2 plus and all the work is almost done with the TV console for the living room as well as my wardrobe been fixed up to my amazement as I always thought they would need to return today to finish their job.
Then I was taken aback how little space my working table and TV console took in my room, leaving enough space in between towards the toilet to park a 4X4 wheel drive in...
My sister felt she should be there when we spread out the blueprints and the measurements as my family members always suspicious of my judgement.
In the end with the inclusion of that huge bed frame due to arrive I was certain it was a good choice to keep the other furniture short.
Once more we are pleased with how everything turn out and once more we felt it would be right to ask the contractor to do the last piece of the jigsaw which is a book shelf cum cabinet supposedly at the end of the console which he had suggested us to get elsewhere as it would be much cheaper.
However with that large gap right now and it is highly unlikely that we would find the right sized one in retail shop as well as the same tone to match that nice rustic color of my whole get-up.
Then of course the price would be a limiting factor but we suggested him to work it out the quotations and let us decide to see whether it would be feasible (more like affordable) to enlist his help once more.

I had a hard time getting Best Denki to confirm the delivery of the LCD TV for this afternoon and even much tougher for them to liaise with the Samsung people for the feel wall mounting installation. However by early evening, they managed to confirm the request which is why I would still need to take leave for this afternoon.
Surely looking forward to get one treasured piece of electronic for the room up and I will sure post some pictures of the completed room (almost) here.

While fixing all the electronics as well as my PC, meticulously sorting up that entangled & messy labyrinth of wires to hide the hideous wire laying as much as we could, I was flabbergasted by the inavailability of my internet connection and quickly pointed out that by shifting the cable point outwards, they had disrupted the actual cable setup. I pleaded with my sister to get our friendly electrician who had laid the cables for us a fornight back to come to check out the problem with his professional knowledge but it was my mom who was able to coaxed him here.
Dad who at this point piqued (as usual) for how badly done the furnishing work has been, not meeting up his expectation, kept suggesting we should deduct money from the quoted price.
We had not check the cable TV availability to begin with; and it was working perfectly when the electrician, Keong was here but the internet connection was begin to baffle him as much as us.
I even dialled Starhub to enquire about the issue and from my description about the condition of the cable and modem, everything seems fine unless it was down to my PC.
I was incensed over the fact that I was still surrfing leisurely the night before and now this and we tried connecting via my sis' room's network point which worked fine.
The last straw came when she used her laptop to get connected over in my room and managed to nail it yet my PC could not get the same positive result...
We were running out of ideas and solutions and my mind was quite set that my the ethernet card in my CPU could surely been faulty despite there were not obvious spoilage done to it.
Then miraculously, when I rigged the whole thing up via the wireless router, the connection came back to my undescribable ecstacy...
In the end, we should had done "trial and error" by ourselves instead of jumping the gun to summon Keong who was already knocking off and also save some money we had to award him for his service.
But in the end we felt we made a family friend and treated him dinner to show the hospitality tagged with my household and overall it is best to make a friend with such expertise.

Back to work this morning, feeling totally indifferent with the prospect of jumping ship imminently, I tried to assimilate into my usual job professionally.
Queer as it is, I actually felt some zest in working and even had some light-hearted chat with Iris and Triana over the other side and my supervisor whom I had only informed about my urgent leave application via e-mail lunchtime yesterday came and shown concern about how the renovation had went since I had put it down as the reason.
Once more I am a sentimental and nostalgic person, leaving this place which had treated me and groomed me well over the years is a thought had to visualize but all good thing must come to an end as some might say.
Japanese word of the day: 不確か (Uncertain) Wish I could be more decisive as a person but I cannot stop being worrisome of whether I would make a wrong decision and live to regret it...


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