Tuesday, May 02, 2006

3 days to Settle the Mind

2nd May 2006, Tuesday

Welcome to May 2006 which would see another drastic turn in my otherwise mundane life...
It had be a nice, long Labour Day weekend and for once I actually felt that the 72 hours that had passed does seemed substantial, and instead of 1 blink of the eye, I am sure it took a good 3 and a half blinks to occupy the past weekend.

The electioneering is taking a full swing with election participants starting to hot up the contest to draw votes for this coming Saturday polling with rallies, routine visits to the residence and the most classic method of all, going around the neighbourhoods, blasting their loud speakers off their trucks and spread their message in the major languages which I felt is an outdated way to publicize after seeing so many rallies since growing up.
It can be baffling living in Yishun when the town is seperated by a few constituencies while been at such close proximity.
My area belongs to the Nee Soon Central part while just a stone throw away belongs to the Ang Mo Kio GRC while few blocks behind belongs to the Sembawang one.
Not resting on the laurels, the ruling party of our part had been "hard-selling" themselves with routine blasting of loudspeakers to ruin the serenity of our weekends as well as dropping over to visit the residents when we missed out as I had gone out for a hair cut on Saturday morning and they assume no one is around when the main door was shut.
The opposition party is taking things slightly easy and will have to do a lot of catching up in order to prove to us why we should vote for them and I doubt giving keychains of a mini mullet would not really help the cause, not that they actually issue those.

Saturday had been hanging out at La Tendo as usual when we see a stream of human traffic relentlessly filling thr store; enabling them to break their records in sales of 5 figures.
Much due to the 20% storewide discount coupled with the release of the PROGRESS package from government ,ladened collectors with the extra cash to splurge.
Of course the consumers are not stupid as they gran this golden opportunity to get expensive stuff such as the Kingdom Heart Formation Arts which the likes of Chan and myself are rueing over the fact that we should had waited a week later to purchase ours.
With the shop well stuffed, we stayed in the goods store, watching Razor Ramon HG (UuuuFUUUuu~) with his antics on YouTube which can be entertaining if not tasteless.
We stayed for really late into the evening as we chatted about the possibility of re-enacting that Osaka/Kyoto trip they had back in February in the coming year.

Sunday was basically homeward bound as a strong family themed day sees me basically rotting at home, packing my inexhaustible amount of figurines while watching shows like "Lost", "Saiyuki" and several anime series I had loaded over the past weeks.
Then a family outing to Chong Pang to get the ideal chair to replace that worn out one currently I called my "throne".
The heavy shower definitely did not help the cause and I was bored with the selection there was available to offer at a couple of furniture retailers there.
The price is not really eye-catching as well with the one I am actually interested going up to as much as $250!
Finally I settled on one at this furniture outlet with the boss being well-befriended by my parents. Despite the weight which is not easy on the muscles for constant carrying around since we discarded the idea of having the wheels to graze the marble flooring of my room, the design of the back rest surely is condusive to hold the spinal column in place for someone like me who would spend hours on the chair.

The price is still slightly off my budget but I doubt I can find a good one for too cheap a price anyway.
We end of a cosy family Sunday with steamboat with spaghettis, what strange combo!

Labour Day Monday was supposed to be another home-bound day to update my webpage but was well enticed by a trip down to Jurong where Chan and Ferris had an urge to look for cheap display cases which we supposed Daiso is supposed to offer. So after a filling brunch of Pillsbury-powdered pancakes and scrambled eggs, I braved the arid weather to what Chan themed as "intercept" them on the MRT as they set off from AMK.
While Ferris showed off his photo collections for his Korean trip last year with his lass, we slowly crept towards the Western end of the island as we were taken aback by the large crowd streaming to IMM as well and we had almost no chance to hop on the feeder bus and decided strolling over would surely be a faster option.
It was a mad house at Daiso as Singaporeans and a few Chinese and Japanese scrambled around the relatively smaller outlet as compared to the ones I had seen in Morioka, Iwate or Namba, Osaka. It took us a good 15 minutes before we finally located the corner with the small display boxes stacked nicely on the display shelves. Since everything is selling at $2 regardless of price I was sure the 3 of us snapped up almost 40% of the stocks present there.
It was 2 plus when we were done and then Chan had the notion of going down to Lucky Chinatown to collect a set of highly-sought after trading fiigurine series and we were gamed for it.
A taxi ride which seems like a good choice for only slightly mor expensive than taking the train sure curtailed the time to reach the almost deserted shopping mall at the heart of Chinatown.
After collecting what is to be collected from a rather friendly lady boss who bemoans the fact that her hubby had been slacking off for 2 hours since we were there, we decided to adjourn to Suntec City for some "gacha-gacha" fun.
We dropped by China Square Central or CSC, the new Clarke Quay which had became a playground for Chan for many Sundays now as he set up booth to try sell off his massive stock of figurines at a well-slashed price, bought by meticulous scavengers for cheap deals.
But CSC on Monday despite a public holiday is world's apart from the hustle bustle of Sunday with many retailers closed but still it is good to check out what some of those that actually opened was selling that defer from what I had been seeing from my usual (& perhaps only) supplier which is La Tendo.
After crossing the Singapore River and the Esplanade, we finally made it to Suntec and boy Toy Room was scrambled with kids, parents and many overaged kids expressing their inner child with impetous capsule toys hauling. Chan & Ferris were busy with the Zoids Arts Collection which I did not have much luck sometime back while I was drawn to that containing the SR Ikkitousen which I just wanted a couple of pieces so trying to get them with the minimum amount of money spent. There were a few others trying to form their own sets and a group of uncles even armed with LED torch light to check on the sparingly loaded machine to keep track of which colored capsule ball is coming out since this series like all Yujin SR series are color-coded. I did enlisted their help to get those 2 I badly wanted but still got like 4 extras which in the end is still a fraction of the price of what one had to pay if choose to buy a complete set.
Satisfied with our haul, we hop on the train under the soggy condition to get back home and prepared for a start of a truncated work week.

As scheduled, my wife called from Agrate, basking in the midst of their own Labour Day off from work as she spent her time doing laundry and focusing on working out at the gym. She had just returned from short trips to Venice (the city on water) and Swiss-Italian border and she was relating on her findings and it seems like that shopping nature etched in her still persist as she still managed to buy some novelty items when I had constantly reminding her to be a bit more frugal. She called sometime later with the bad news that her old man had proclaimed bankrupt and she needed me to go down to pick up some of her valuables such as her laptop before the bank might come downt to confiscate the items..
Seriously I tried to keep an open view about my astrayed father-in-laws but recent developments such as this bankruptcy thingie as well as the nauseating piece of news of his secret lover had been impregnated by him just makes me disenchanted with him and truly hope he would leave my lass and her family alone now that he had decided to discard them the day he broke from the mould as a responsible father figure and breadwinner of the household.

Back to work this morning, I guess that past 3 days off work helped prep me for the penultimate task to break the news of my resignation to my supervisor and perhaps Old Hag and the admin but I need to keep my stand till the end. We'll see how it goes come tomorrow.

I will try to keep professional till the day I leave my current post without revealing the notion of being sick of the chores. But the fact that I spilled a plate of sample being as bumbling as I wasn't supposed to, surely would not go down well with my supervisor or perhaps JxMMy (not that I care much how he felt about my departure) if I was to break the news today
Japanese word of the day: 破産 (Bankruptcy) Easy way out to annouce that when dealing with lots of debts but definitely not doing good to your reputation.


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