Monday, May 08, 2006

Packing Accomplished

8th May 2006, Monday

Yes, 2 months from now my wife would be bidding her Italian stint goodbye and fly her way back into my embrace.... but still a good 61 days away...sigh

The dust had settled for the polling on Saturday as the result mirrored that 5 years back with the ruling party grabbing 82 of the 84 seats in Parliament while the usual incumbents from Hougang and Potong Pasir retained their place. But overall we see a stark increase in the votes for the opposition this time round and indicates a sizeable population would like to see more opposition in the government. Places like Choa Chu Kang and Aljunied nearly broke the stronghold as they lost by a narrow margin.
Foo who is based in the latter constituency was rueing with sorrow for not being able to elect the supposedly "A" team of the opposition party with the hammer as their logo.
As for myself, I was still indecisive at the final moment when I was alone in the voting booth with the voting coupon and pen in hand. Then I started pondering about my work status, and I made an viable choice aslike many I felt that they would keep a close tabs on all the voters with their system...they might track me down if I made the "wrong" move...

After polling on Saturday, I made my way down to town to grab the Taiwanese pop idol magazine my lass had requested and was running a bit short of time to be punctual to meet up that Korean colleague who will be that impromptu courier service to deliver the box of "Bak Ku Teh" mix for her and I tried my luck to see whether he would be kind enough to bring that thin magazine along for her reading pleasure and he obliged without a 2nd consideration...

At La Tendo, the crowd is not as boisterous as the week before and the clique is evidently missing as Chan gotta work, Ferris reluctant to make an unnecessary appearance and Karen who I assumed would be engaged in the polling booths as many teachers and civil servants had duly been activated.
There I met up with one of my colleague at work who regularly patronized the shop to see what Naruto-based merchandises he could get his hands on,
It seems like he would be leaving his lab which coincidentally is located just beside our main lab by 1st of June when he sees through his current contract with no intention of extending.
When his boss asked him what plans he had in stored upon leaving, the honest chap just replied that he would be spending a good month, home-bound watching the World Cup...
Ooh yeah! (with the Pollock hand movements) That reply certainly drove the stoic boss to the walls while I wished I could reciprocate...yah... Not a chance...
As the store was coming to a close by around 9, Karen and Ferris eventually arrived with the latter showing his customised painted Ansen from the Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts which is not half bad, except the beady eyes which he struggled to perfect it as his brother, Bryan mentioned for the whole day.
WIth that, Tay-chan was fast to ushered him a whole monotonous set for him to do customization... more beady eyes to struggle with then.
I joined them for some DIm Sum for their dinner as we chat about coping with watching horror flicks all alone as I clarified about the new series on AXN "Supernatural" which I was flipping channels when the scary parts was shown in the pilot episode as Vincent was near to completing season 1 of the series.

I was woken by the loud speakers of the truck of the winning party on Sunday morning, thanking everyone for reinstating them into powers.
It's been a while since I get to be home alone on Sunday as my parents and my sister were all out as I tried my utmost best to pack that huge heap of stuff by my bedside which Mom had been getting on my back for the past fornight about.
I felt that I am not one who can be very organised when coming to packing stuff or even finding order through the chaos.
I would be doing something here and then got the urge to fiddle with something else, creating a mess in the process.
I started my packing task by around 12 and felt I shouldn't waste precious time just packing and started to go on my usual Sunday anime marathorn with an entire library awaiting to be graced.
I only managed to really finished stuffing the figurines into ncie outer boxes I wanted to keep while flattening the individual blind boxes which I ponder whether I should just keep one of each instead of every single box. I chose the latter and I managed to chuck whatever boxes visible to the naked eyes into whatever free space I could conjured up with including unused portion in my wardrobe which is most likely to be a transient location once my lass started shifting in; under the living room's TV console and even under the bed once again.
It was close to 10pm when I got everything done and I was all wound up with the fact that I surely had alot of figurines under my possession as well as how tragic the ending of "Kouga Ninpou Chou: Basilisk" can be.

Once more without quality rest, I got started this morning with another 4 days work with to contemplate with.
I am surely hoping to sign my new contract this week and finally getting my resignation tendered after been dragged for a week now.
Then to end the week with a bang, my buddy is make a short return on Thursday to attend his sister's solemnization and we had already set on the time to meet up with CS who seemed to have an earth-trembling news to share that day...urgh...anticipation eating me up...
Japanese word of the day: 不満足(Unsatisfied) Some people are with the polling results...well life gotta go on anyway


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