Thursday, May 04, 2006

Playing Politics

4th May 2006, Thursday

As I await patiently for my new company to show me the actual contract, I still very much refrained from tendering the letter of resignation and bound nonetheless to my current role and back to playing the same old office political cum psychological warfare with JxMMy D day in day out.

For the past couple of days we had seen a slight drop of request for our usual service perhaps many took the long weekend and stretched it all the way till next week for their own version of "Golden Week (which coincidentally began in Japan at this very moment)". One of those is JxMMy's favorite "Uncle" from the SeBan lab who's absence makes his heart fonder and he yearns for her usual appearance to serve him plenty of samples to process for their side project... Without that JxMMy is a carcass without a breath of life...hey wait... even with that he is still a carcass without a breath of life!
Now we are like a pair of scavengers, relying in what crumbs of work to be done.. of course at the meantime JxMMy could think of new gimmicks to pull on his fellow colleagues (not many left anywhere) or more administrative stuff while I couldn't wish for more free time on the internet.
Now even Bobby doesn't even bother to report here, making only transient appearances once or twice per day as staying in this place so lack of activities, he can't even think of enough magic tricks to entertain himself.

I wonder our supervisor had informed our assistant lab manager about my imminent departure but I assume he would be anticipating for the days he owned the entire freaking place by himsefl..then again he already to start practising what he preaches now with that iron fist...a feeble one but still an iron fist...

Well people love to play politics and now at the peak of the election fever, it is in the very air we breath.
Now every average joe from the "watch-bird" curly haired uncle at the kopitiam to kids mugging for exams to yuppies in Shenton way to even the trainer in my gym are talking about it.
My dad who has always blaming our government for a lot of hardship (what hardship?) put on the citizens and adamant that supporting the opposition is the best way out.
But when coming to collecting whatever monetary bonus from the government, he just brushed off as if he deserved every penny the government is dishing out to him.
He attended the rally nearby by the opposition party which was caught in a fracas about the whole party is actually been properly managed when one of their candidate supposedly "forgotten" to submit one penultimate document.
Dad claimed that the rally was so well received, audience came from all parts of the island started to cluster beyond the barricaded area.

For someone my age, i supposed I should follow the electioneering scene closely to make the most viable choice during the poll so as to ensure we had a good life for the next 5 years or so.
However we all knew the ruling party would continue to be there and they are seriously not half bad at all.
Although it could not stress enough to have a multi-party government in order to succumb any trace of "arrogance" or "monopoly" by the ruling party, I still feel the local political scene is much more subtle than those rubbish I got from news from Taiwan.
Ultimately the concerns of the heartland joes and janes would be whether transport fee would hike again soon or an increment of GST...
The uncles would be concerned on whether they could get their CPF contributions fast enough so that they could sail off on weekly "sexcapades" in neighboring Indonesian islands before their libido dies off in a tragic end.
The aunties would be more concerned about whether they have enough wet/dry market around to meet their everyday groceries need.
For parents, they would concern whether their elected MPs would have power to push their kids to all the top schools they desired.
And for those living a high life, they just want to earn the maximum, work the least and splurge their lives away...
Even trivial issues like not enough elevators in our HDB blocks or no sign of actual renovation became magnified during these few days....

Personally being a guy easily contented with what I had, I think the government we elected should continue making SIngapore a competitive nation and free from wars and calamities.. sound noble...I don't think so because I would want an extra lift for my block as well and one that would be smart enough to fetch you from the level you embarked instead of waiting for that single lift to go down from 11th floor to the ground floor and then the very same lift to come fetch you from 6th floor when the other 2 lifts are idling on other stories...

All in all, the whole polling campagin sure added some life to many people's lives and some color to an otherwise mundane political scene.
Even my good friend Foo whom I thought would be more interested in Kamen Riders and film-making is flabbergasted about some tactics the ruling party is pulling. I know it can be an sensitive issue to state on this medium but in such a democratic party unless we do not hurl baseless defametory remarks, I think my friend should be fine, unless he suddenly got possessed by the same ghost that possessed Mr Chee all these while.

No one died and made my father a political guru but like you and I he certainly holds an important vote although I feel sometime he is just been biased with some of his comments.
And certainly he feels hyped up to jump on this "political bandwagon" for the remaining few days before the polling day...
Japanese word of the day: 政治 (Politics) Play it right and make sure you submit all the forms when you needed to.


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