Saturday, November 26, 2005

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26th November 2005, Saturday

Mark this date in your calendar, October 15th 2006, Sunday..this is the agreed date for my depature date for my singlehood as I would be officially convert my martial status to "married" (although the ROM date would definitely be before that, thus the status change would occur way before that)

I just came back from the discussion session with my lass' mom as my mom and godmom (also my 7th maternal auntie) who is has knowledge of dealing and wheeling in terms of traditional practises for a chinese wedding went to pay their official visit to confirm on the details like the official date, number of tables needed in the banquet, the dowry etc.
Well it all ended in a hush as both sides were in very condescending mood while all I have to worry about pulling my shoestring budget together to support the mounting cost of the whole procession which now believed would be requiring near 30 tables in the banquet and a cool $20,000

Yesterday marked the 5th year anniversary me and my lass had been together as a pair when it was like yesterday when she questioned our relationship when we were in the middle of a leadership building camp and I reaffirmed her doubts by claiming I would of course glad to be her confidante as well as her lover, and 5 years later, we are at the brink of entering the next stage of our lives...

However yesterday celebration did not certainly sparked off pleasantly as I wished it would as my edgy mood these couple of days kicked in when I seen her in a business blouse what I described as a Malay auntie would donned when I was expecting a very casual yet stylish dressing which I had blatantly missed for a while...I was pretty sick of her in her business outfit with her large office bag filled with catalouges for her sideline. I knew she would be attending a rally later the evening for her side-business but I just felt gutted to see her once more in business attire and that shiny-beige blouse did not help to improve the situation...

I just cranked my bitter face for the entire trip to City Hall and refused to talk to her in my immature cast which afterwards I felt I might had made a mountain out of a molehill. But I just was too incensed with her been too overt involvement with her business that even on a day which I hoped we would spend solely for ourselves, she had other ideas installed.

We managed to talk over the problem that had bothering me for the entire train trip over lunch/dinner at Rice Table and she recognised it was her fault for neglecting with her job as well as her sidelines...But I told her it was not because of that...I just needed sometime off from that totally and I won't mind her other obligations as long as we can some time solely for ourselves without strings attached before and after it...
Of course the attire for yesterday could also be the ignition point for my furore which I also brought it out eventually...

Anyway the lunch was fine except I don't quite understand the concept that the staff had to lay all the dishes in the ala carte buffet menu on the hot platter (with fuel below to keep the food warm) despite the fact that some patrons might not had taste for cuisine with Lady Fingers or mutton (which in out case luckily both of us took individually respectively)...
A lot of spciy food which was well supported by fragant rice served on pandan leaves and an autentic mee soto soup which tasted just about the same from any hawker centers but great to be eaten with the "koropok" (prawn crackers) that was served together as appertisers.
Our fave food on the lunch menu was the "Tahu Telor" (deep fried omelette with tofu and topped with the sweet "rojak" sauce) as well as "Ikan Goreng" (Fried fish in tasty chilli-tomato sauce) which both we had a second helping.
It was really filling at the end was perhaps the $15 per person price tag was aptly justified.

We then shop around Marina Square which had a revamp and became a more elegant venue to shop as they managed to segregate different genres such as youth focused, contemporary apparels, branded boutiques, eateries and a corner for people like ourselves who might be setting out our family with furniture shops like Barang Barang and another Zen inspired furniture shop where we casted our eyes on a nice platform bed that is designed elegantly with some storage compartments we had desired. There were also a couple of hard-selling bridal shops which we had been forcefully been coerced into one where we are presented with an example of nice wedding photo album which in the end my lass had doubts over their capability to deliver as she had heard not too well hearsays on the reputation of that particular bridal studio.

The movie was a nice one as director Mike Newell (not to be confused to the old Blackburn striker) who is the 3rd director of the "Harry Potter" series, definitely gave "Goblet of Fire" a dark edge involving blood and death though my fave was still "Prisoner of Azkaban". As described by Lance days before as a action-packed roller coaster which had many details been excluded to the ire of fans of the J.K. Rowlings' literature. Lance simply put that those exclusions were mere mundane Hogswart's school stuff which is not needed for the live action feature.
And my god I was infatuated with a grown-up Emma Watson (Hermione) back in "Prisoner" and this show further supported that notion and she definitely had transformed from a smart-ass elementary schooler to a fine lass especially in the X'mas ball scene when she appeared in an elegant gown..yummy..shit hope I don't become a pedophile cos she is actually only 15 years old...
In fact I wonder how many years are left for Daniel Ratcilffe and gang to be young enough to reprise their roles once more.

I ended my anniversary date with a trip to La Tendo (hey all roads lead there when you are in town) once I had parted ways with my lass when she left for her rally. It was where I found solace in the lack of new shipment of toys on my wanted list, thus enabling me to save up for another week...NOT!

Japanese word of the day: 野蛮人~ya-ban-jin~ (Barbarian) I think I was with the attitude I treated my lass early yesterday


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