Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Throwing the Letter

16th May 2006, Tuesday

A monumental day for me....to witness a supposedly-deadly car accident early in the morning...
Nah seriously, I had the contract over the new place ironed out when the friendly HR officer, Wendy called me last evening as I was on my way home to come down to get it sign.

So I went over the office and the patient lady briefed me through all the documents and going intricate into little details into my contract.
I would reprised my role as a laboratory biologist in my current stint instead of research assistant as I had thought.
The pay had been rounded off the the nearest $10..meaning I got an increment of $0.60...woohoo...
She also went through the group insurance that we are covered, which is so much better done by the actual insurance company.
So all in all, there are lots of forms to filled, a medical check up back at YIH in NUS to proceed (hopefully no need anymore Hepatitis B shots) and made amicable arrangements with my supervisor to release me earlier from my current duty so as I could actually join them within a month instead of 6 weeks...

After the contract signing, I went to submit my resignation letter to the head of the HR at our side and many administrative staff by the side started raising their eyebrows with my sudden decision to leave but shrugged off as another tenderer of resignation which had caught on as a craze over here in recent months.

Now the crux of the matter would be when would be official last day, as I had expected around six weeks later, so that I can at least catch that penultimate crunch match between Holland & Argentina with ease before I move over....

Talking about the World Cup with the deadline for the squad naming over yesterday, with the exception of some teams like S.Korea, Ivory Coast, Iran and Croatia, I think almost all of the rest had named their final 23 and minimal shock omissions this time round but we won't be seeing the likes of Jerzy Dudek, Javier Zanetti, Kevin Kuranyi, Francesco Toldo, Christian Vieri, Fernando Morientes, Ruben Baraja, Vicente & Hakan Yakin this time round.

On paper Brazil should have the best squad with talent spreading at all positions with players hailing from major European squads.. Veterans Cafu, Roberto Carlos & Juan in the defence with some youthful impetus in perhaps Cicinho and Gilberto, covering in front of the erratic Dida.
But looking at the midfield and attack, that's where Brazil's strength lies as there are no even vacancy for the likes of Julio Batispta of Real, Ricardo Olivera of Betis, Ewerthon of Zaragoza, Kleberson of Besiktas etc.

Then we look at the 2 imminent opponents for the Netherlands in the group stage...

Serbia & Montenegro
A very sound defensive unit which includes Man Utd's Vidic which let in one goal in the entire qualifying campaign should be the base of this team. But I doubt they could keep clean sheets against the likes of van Nisterooy, Kuyt, Crespo, Riquelme, Messi or Drogba.
However their own attack are shone with proven goal-scorers like Osasuna's Milosevic, Athletico Madrid's Kezman and young Vucinic from Lecce. They can even not call up Darko Kovacevic of Real Sociedad who is struggling with injuries all season long.
In MF, the danger man would certainly be Inter's Dejan Stankovic, other than that the others are not really significant for a mention.


If a team consist of Tevez, Crespo, Messi, Riquelme, Aimar, Julio Cruz, Maxi Rodriguez & Saviola cannot score more goals than what they had conjured back in 2002 when they made a disappointing 1st round exit, something would be gravely wrong.
They can even afford to not include the Inter trio of Javier Zanetti, Santiago Solari & Walter Samuel.
However the Argentine defense might be their shortcoming as their recent form shows that they might not be as strong as they are touted to be. But never say never.

I did not see a complete Ivroy Coast list and suspect with the shouldering the hope on the likes of Drogba, Bonaventure Kalou of PSG, Aruna Dindane of Lens as well as the Gunners duo of Eboue & Toure.

Well with the players involved been named, time to get buzzing for the the tournament to start in 3 and a half weeks time.

Anyway as mentioned that I started my day witnessing a horrendous car accident...it is true as I was crossing that make-shift overhead bridge from Bouna Vista MRT, naturally people would take a peek at their left side since the right had been covered up.
This morning we saw a SBS bus been broken down in the left lane of the road leading to MOE and then an illuminated polic vehicle on its rear.
Then I see the tarred road showing sign of it been doused with liquid till closer observation I noticed a trail of fresh crimson blood as the main cause of wetting the road. Curious onlookers starting to cluster around the scene, perhaps like myself bewildered what had actually happened.
But at the first glance one would have postulate the accident of a pedestrain been knocked over by the oncoming bus and been dragged for a certain distance.
However later on during gym, the staff there who came at around 6 plus mentioned that the bus had been broken down since then with no sign of accident.
So the tragic incident could be commited by another vehicle later on which is weird since there isn't much room for other vehicles to vamoose on with the stationery bus taking up a huge space.
Well it was not the best way to kick off the morning to witness such horrific scene and with such massive blood loss, let's hope the victim survived the ordeal and hope no one is thick enough to extract the car plate number of the vehicle involved for 4D or other form of gambling.
Japanese word of the day: 辞職(Resignation) Finally get it done today and now waiting for the repurcussions.


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