Friday, December 02, 2005

A Typical Friday at Work

2nd December 2005, Friday

Plenty of issues to settle tomorrow especially scouting the 2 prospective restaurants, starting from 3 in the afternoon, then the wedding banquet to attend for my good friend, Weiliang from the SRJC gang; I wonder would I have time to dropby La Tendo for a little while.

Struggling to "seep" (already lost even the zest to crawl) out of the coziness of my bed as the previous 4 days of fatigue accumulated upon me as of all Fridays.. This week had been especially excruciating for me mentally as I cracked my head time and again to settle the banquet location and of course the load at work has increased a few folds as well.

Tuning to the sound of angst from my collection of Dir en grey tracks, I couldn't help but feel suicidal on the train as well. I was joined by BY at around Jurong East, but we remained quiet, both engross in the songs our mp3 players had been churning.
She had been working extra hard at her new workplace all these while as well reporting to work at usual time as she mentioned it is difficult for her to alter from her usual routine to bringing breakfast for her litter of stray cats even before the sun rise. But she had been working OT till like 7pm on more than one occasion always break her down physically totally while drained her mentally when she reached home; but at least she has that sense of fulfillment...as she claimed of course.

YM is on leave on a Friday once more and left Triana to run the show and by the look of it, she still required much training to really get a grip of everything and yes that important "situational awareness"... Lance with his laidback attitude couldn't be much of the help and recent brickbats thrown on him for wearing gloves to handle supposedly "clean" items (such as YM's Today newspaper a couple of days back that really aggravated her). Whenever we adviced him on the correct lab safety orders, he would give you that gleeful look, laughing it off as usual...
Think the National Service would do wonders on him but with the standards these days I really doubt so...

I had to attend a scheduled meeting for that pesky X'mas party I had been "arrowed" to do but it wasn't too bad talking to some of these new faces in the workforce whom most I had seen before due to the "popularity" of our service; but during the midst of discussion and had to draw referance to accounts of previous parties, the attention would naturally drawn to me since I was like the "elder" among the brood. I can feel the zeal about the group but think they might be shattered by how well the party would be received in the end when the day comes.

Our supervisor came in to inform that the virology branch in AVA would be enlisting our help to utilise our service in times of national crisis when bird flu has laid rampant on our island and the good people in AVA may need their results once it had been done and thus in such times, we might be mobilized to come back to work on it, anytime anyplace..much like the regimental army style but I seriously think this was for a better cause definitely...

JxMMy wanted to impart his knowledge on the side project Se Ban has targetted him to accomplish with the "uncle" from their lab do the front work; which always come to a halt when he is on leave or absent. I assumed Bobby had learnt the rope from him during my ICT but not once had I seen him dealing with the "uncle" personally as she would always look for JxMMy and JxMMy alone (yes very much like Se Ban)... Well although I welcome new job-related knowledge to add on to my capabilities column, but I had been kind of refrain from taking over it 'cos it seemed like too much hassle. Of course JxMMy's breath before lunch today really stunk up close, which can be a deterring factor for me to stand too close to him..and I don't wanna have too much interactions with the famous "uncle" (who happens to be an annoying, rules-it-all tramp)...Well JxMMy picked such an "excellent" time to teach me just before lunch and he felt that I should have hands-on thus left for for yet another day...

In the afternoon it was really more like "scrambling" for things to do for me and Bobby but I would try to liaise with the sales people with some consumables we are in dire needs.

I also managed to get my name registered for the RT period in Feburary next year, much like the same routine I had earlier this year with the help of my unit since the online webpage just went bonkers with their normal function...Too bad my period did not cover holidays like Chinese New Year this time, and supposedly will have to attend all 8 sessions in phase 1 and guaranteed book for the 12 sessions in phase 2.
Well at least I am hoping the RTs could help inculcate the workout regime for me for the rest of the year and instill that discipline that I always fail to possess; so that I could be a much slimmer and more dashing groom come October, not that I am not dashing enough now...no...wait... I'm not just dashing, I'm simply a human vessel oozing with sex appeal... ooh yeah!
Japanese word of the day:仕事 ~shi-go-to~ (Work) So what you expect? me slaying a dragon during office hours? Nah, that's for after work..:P


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