Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Word of Advice

1st December 2005, Thursday

We are coming to the final month of a pretty eventful 2005 and as usual working under a big organisation involves a lot of administrative stuffs and red tapes to settle in order to get something you want.
BY was whining about how she was mistreated in aspect to not been able to recieve her pay for the 1st half of October before she jumped ship to her current workplace and that the Old Hag had been conniving enough to stop her finance people to issue the last payment to her. Being BY, she of course made a mountain out of a molehill (well when come to money I sure I would make a bigger fuss than her) and threatened to bring it up to the corporation HQ to complain about such ill treatment before the finance side of her current company stepped and took their own initiave to pay her duly.

Coming to the end of the year we staff have to fill in plenty of forms including declaration of no moonlighting outside or a major sharesholder of some massive MNC (well if I am I guess I wouldn't be here anyway).
There are also forms to vouch your allegiance to the safety rules of the company since we had badly failed the inspection earlier in the year.

We are also to write (or in many of the cases, "paste & copy") the personal appraisal of what you had accomplished and contributed to the company over the past year as well as the goal you would be setting for the coming year.
The whole process is pretty hefty when after the long list of things you had to highlight on your own, your supervisor or boss have to scan them through before grading your performance accordingly and arrange a time to sit down with you to go through all that had been listed; before the online form is sent back to you to take a final look to inspect on any discrepancies which you could bring it up before handing the finalised appraisal to the admin.

So I had my joint review with my supervisor yesterday afternoon, in a rare one to one session in her office. I was perhaps the last in line as unlike the rest I had not bother to reserve a slot last week.
During the hour-long conversation, she praised on my professionalism and diligence and showing the right attitude at work.
We also went through some of the improvements we could think of for the coming year to further strengthen our service capabilities.
Then she touched on an issue I had been pondering a while myself regarding my next step in my career path.
I had been assigned with external service liaison under the umbrella of the shared facilities by the main corporation for a while now and it had been in recent months when the demands started coming in.
My supervisor highlighted that the shared facilities is in great favor of setting up their own unit for the service we are now providing and there would be a high tendency that they would "poach" me over; when that opportunity arises, I had to think wisely whether I should accept or refuse.

Seriously I had been hesistant to leave my current place, not really because of the easy working schedule, my understanding boss or simply deterring to changes in my worklife.
I am waiting for this above-mentioned opportunity to come knocking on my door with a much improved contractual attractions to woo me over much like a fat turkey stuffed with lots of goodies within for X'mas.
In most cases when one is to transfer from an existing institute to another one under our company, you would not see an increase in pay but perhaps in the benefits part.
But I am praying that in my case when they require my expertise in my field to kick start their own service unit, they would gladly offer something at least a bit higher than what my measly yearly increment can offer me.
Now I just need to play the right cards, bark up the right trees and suck up to the right people; you never know this could come earlier than i have hoped
Well the coming year would be an interesting in with respect to how my career would take a turn, peferably would be better to compliment my ultimate pot of gold under the rainbow, my marriage to the girl I truly love...

Anyway heard from some whacky (meaning cannot take seriously) Taiwanese variety program where a horoscope expert came onto the show to try to earn some extra cash (emore reasons why cannot take too seriously) as well as promoting her new book, mentioned that people under the star sign of Scorpio would have fantastic 2006..woohoo...

Talking about the marriage, all the hustle-bustle to find the perfect restaurant for the wedding banquet is finally paying some dividends when I managed to set appointment for 2 available restaurants, Tung Lok at Liang Court and of course Chengdu, both on coming Saturday when both me & my lass as well as my parents would try to see which is a better choice.
However this early morning when a audiably-tired lass of mine kept me updated with some of the stuff her cousin who is moonlighting as a wedding planner gave her some useful insights on planning the whole thing and questioned on since we intended to rent a room in a prominent hotel to stay after the banquet, why not might as well hold the banquet there and then...
hmmm..let's see..a table at Ritz Carlton is like $1000+++ which is almost twice the price of what my shortlisted restaurants had quoted, mutliply by 28 tables...YIKES!!
I think I insist on my own way...
One worry is that after the banquet, it would be terribly late and you would have to pay a huge sum for the rented car from the bridal shop...true but that could be arranged I guess...

A couple of recent news shrouding SIngapore and add a bit of color into the monotonous lives of many local people..
Firstly a ghastly double suicide involving a 30 odd years old family man with his female colleague many years his junior both found dead (probably carbon monoxide poisoning) in the former's car, fully clothed with the guy died face down onto the female's torso...this news got "SCANDALOUS" pasted all over it and got many people speculating whether they had an illicit affair under the cover of the family members how claimed both of them are purely colleagues...Well the local CSI team is now investigating....just hope they don't get Vincent Ng to go crack the case with his broken English...

Secondly a furore in Australia over the fact that our government has sanctioned the execution of a young Aussie national who was caught trafficking 400g of heroines via Singapore to Australia...
We had to play by law and show no mercy to whoever breaking them...so go on bite us, rabid Tazmanian Devils....

Japanese word of the day:忠告 ~chu-u-ko-ku~(Advice) A notesworthy one from my caring supervisor...


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